18 thoughts on “Mykel Barthelemy MAGA HAT DAY 2.20.19 after this video the left said they are going to kill her

  1. You don’t get a bye – you chose to post that video with that title. Shame. Such a statement is ignorant and stupid and an obvious part of the propaganda effort to demonize real, warranted and unyielding opposition to Trumpism.


      1. Paul has a good point. I am on the “left” and are you accusing me of conspiring to commit murder?

        By posting that title, you seem to be doing just that.

        I can’t say I am thrilled about the accusation.

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        1. RE: “I am on the ‘left’ and are you accusing me of conspiring to commit murder?”

          If that’s the way your mind works, then you are in a trap of your own making. The title was written by the person who posted it to YouTube.


        2. Yet you have no problem seeking to deny me the freedom to buy and own the firearms I choose because they are misused by a small number of criminals and madmen who don’t even share a political philosophy with me.

          You also have no problem with the concept of a collective guilt for white people for the mistreatment of blacks over the last 400 years.

          So, why so offended for being included in the threats made by people who do share your philosophy?


          1. I don’t think I have ever suggested that you cannot arm yourself with the guns you choose. I favor registration and licensing and true, strict, universal background checks on all transfers. The assault rifle debate is kind of moot since you already cannot have unrestricted access to automatic weapons so we are dealing with nuances in fire rates. But I won’t go to the mat on assault rifles.

            Now collective guilt probably needs some explanation by you. I don’t think the word “guilt” is what you really mean.

            Bear with me a bit.

            The history of slavery in this country is long. About 250 years of slavery for economic gain that helped us grow to a major player in the world. The only way that could be justified is through a collective and firm belief in white supremacy. And that is a racist concept. And that justification was emphasized in examples such as the Mississippi Declaration of Secession. And if that needed a little divine support, it certainly didn’t hurt to provide Biblical justification.

            The point being that our slavery was not for punishment or rewards of war, but rather for economic advantage and justified by supremacy.

            After the Civil War, our nation decided that the newly freed slaves and about 4 or 5 generations after, depending upon how you count, needed to be kept as 2nd class citizens by both law and terrorism. And that included the North where contracts often excluded blacks through legal covenants.

            Now perhaps we can blame Reconstruction for the 1st generation of the freed slaves. After all the South suffered under bad leadership from the Northern occupiers.

            But the ensuing years up until 1965, there could be little excuse other than the racist concept of white supremacy. A continuation of 250 years of slavery but in another name.

            Now, culture evolves over time and often changes slowly. We had slavery and then apartheid for centuries. When the laws changed do you really think the culture changed with it? A culture of white supremacy that over time, fewer and fewer people held but as we saw in Charlottesville, still holds a segment of society.

            And the economic consequences of 2nd class status just ending in the last few decades still lingers. That is the result of a litany of issues, but the primary one is pretty obvious.

            There is little difference between the the treatment of blacks after 1865 than there was for a new wave of immigrants from another country. Except of course that they spoke English. But culturally the blacks were different primarily because they were never allowed to integrate for over a century. Whereas other immigrants might take a generation or two, we enacted laws to keep slave descendants from joining our nation as equals.

            So “guilt” is not really the word. But accepting responsibility for some of the lingering effects of racism, legal and otherwise, would go a long way to changing our culture. You personally may not consider race in any of your decisions about people. But as white Americans, our history is fundamentally different from black Americans. Yet both histories were formed and determined by whites. To deny that is to be blind to reality.



      2. If you do not need “a bye” it is because you are simply shameless. Making foolish, broad-brushed,extremist and unsupportable accusations does not seem to bother or embarrass you.

        As for “unwarranted assumptions” there are none at play here – you posted an outrageous attack on me and a majority of the American people (“the Left”) in plain sight for all to see. The fact that you got it from pone of the loathsome websites you frequent does not change that.


          1. I am not a psychologist, but I would think that young man had anger issues.

            Virtually all of our random and mass shootings are domestic terrorism. But we will hear nothing from the regime unless there was a prayer rug involved.

            His spreadsheet of targets included media personalities, naturally.

            We must obey the regime and kill the “enemies of the people”.

            Mao would be proud of our present occupant of the Oval Office.

            Oh, sorry. I shouldn’t make comments. He might have voted for Hillary or something. Hannity will clue us in I am sure.

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  2. Three questions:

    Who “on the left” said they were going to kill her?

    If no idea, then who published the video with that statement?

    Why is the lettering on the hat backwards?


    1. You can answer the first two questions on your own. The answer to the third is that video cameras produce reversed videos; I don’t know why.


        1. RE: “So what was your interest?”

          I thought it was interesting that a young black woman was promoting “MAGA hat day.” The claim in the title of the video only supported the theme of her message in light of other recent events involving false accusations against MAGA-hat wearers.


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