8 thoughts on “American Greatness: Autopsy of a Dead Coup

  1. Thanks for the laugh. And, thanks for the insight into the “mind” of the Trump enthusiast.

    I prefer to always remain civil so I will not attempt to categorize the level of intellect, education and critical thinking skill of someone who would find such material informative except to note that, to be generous, it may be at about the level of a President who would try to sell the idea that invoking the 25th Amendment would be unconstitutional.


  2. Any and all of it. It is a pack of lies, distortions and laughable conspiracy theory nonsense and I am qualified to say so because I am an informed citizen blessed with normal intelligence and whose education did not stop in middle school.

    Trump and/or his campaign behaved illegally and treasonably and no amount of nonsense like this can turn legitimate concerns and follow-up over the behavior detected by national security organizations into a “coup” as this jackass asserts. In fact, the Obama administration bent over backwards to prevent these investigations from reaching the light of day before the election. A heroic and patriotic level of forbearance given that it was already known that Team Trump was conspiring with the Russians. These claims of a coup are particularly laughable given the negative impact the unwise and unprecedented FBI behavior had on Clinton’s chances.

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    1. RE: “Trump and/or his campaign behaved illegally and treasonably…”

      You’ve said this many times, but repetition doesn’t make it true. Do you, this time, have some evidence to substantiate your assertion?


      1. “Illegally” – What evidence do you need beyond the fact that a high proportion of his campaign senior management has pleaded guilty, copped to or been convicted of criminal behavior in connection to their association with Russians?

        “Treasonably” is my opinion and I grant you that none of them has YET been indicted for treason. While you may not share my opinion, I am absolutely certain that if President Obama had lead a campaign so closely linked to and intertwined with Russian State Intelligence you would be calling for his head. Literally.


        1. I’ll be calling for Obama’s head when the full measure of his complicity in the coup against his successor becomes publicly known.


          1. Dopier and dopier, but let me play along. If what you believe about Obama and the “deep state” is true, why did they sabotage the Clinton campaign with unprecedented public disclosures while concealing the investigation of Trump’s activities that would have ended his candidacy? This is, of course, a rhetorical question. Evidence and common sense mean nothing when you are lost in the foul miasma of Trumpism.


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