9 thoughts on “Pilot Editorial: Bonds of trust broken, Northam must resign

  1. “There is reason to believe that Northam could be an effective medium for leading a conversation about the racial divide in this state, amplifying minority perspectives and helping Virginia come to terms with his painful past.”


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  2. “…helping the commonwealth to put this ugly episode behind it.”

    According to the editorial board 35 years is not far enough behind. The real “ugly episode” as the Pilot pontificates is the political mountain made from this molehill.

    Senator Byrd was honored by the NAACP for work he did as a senior senator on behalf of civil rights and he was a real member of the KKK in his early days of politics. And that was no student costume party.


  3. It is entirely possible his denial of being in that picture could be true.

    As I understand it, each senior was assigned a half page in the yearbook, it is possible that if he did not submit enough photos to fill the space, the yearbook editors might have filled the blank space with a picture from a party he might have attended.

    Seeing the picture and hearing and reading the reaction to it, he may well have ‘gaslighted’ himself into initially believing he was in the picture even if he wasn’t.

    I despise him for his arrogant know-it-all disregard for individual liberty, but I don’t want to see him destroyed with a false accusation and I see no evidence in his life that he is a racist.

    A shallow, self centered buffoon, but not a racist.


  4. The “Butterfly Effect” of Del. Tran’s misspoken response to questions regarding her bill is arguably the genesis of this whole thing.


  5. Side note/story: Up until maybe 5 years ago there was a piece of plywood on route 13 on the ESVA. It sat at attention along the road. “KKK B Gone”. Between Exmore and Nassawadox. The message was spray-painted on. It’s been taken down now though. I’m not really trying to make a connection but Northam is a Shore boy so…it makes you wonder.


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