Northam yearbook controversy?

There are plenty if reasons Northam is a horrible governor but this one is way down the list. Democrats are immune from hypocrisy.

15 thoughts on “Northam yearbook controversy?

  1. If he is either of the two people in the photo, it should garner the same reaction.

    The one in blackface is smiling. Maybe the person in the hood is sobbing though…


    1. I am curious though. Why was the yearbook photo released (or brought to light) today. I find it hard to believe someone just “found” it.

      I speculate someone with a grudge has known about it and after Northam’s abortion comments, decided to toss fuel on the fire.


  2. Pitchforks and torches heading towards the governor’s mansion. Kavanaugh got a pass for his transgressions 35 years ago, will Northam?

    King is still in office after all his racist blathering. Kavanaugh got a lifetime appointment after his yearbook revelations and then threatening Democrats who come before his Court in the future. And those are current events.

    Evidently the GOP protects its own while Democrats don’t.

    Of course all this takes the attention away from immigration reform, infrastructure, two wars, escalating arms race, trade wars and healthcare. Not to mention illegals working at Trump properties for decades. (What a shock…wink,wink.)


    1. And it all started with a misspoken response by an abortion bill sponsor.
      Then the co-sponsor retracted her support after reading the bill.
      Who knew these seemingly minor hiccups would snowball into this?


      1. Gotcha politics.

        Kavanaugh suffered through some of that also.

        Fortunately, or not, the attention span of the public is measured in nanoseconds.


          1. “Boofing”, “Devil’s Triangle” and “Renates Alumnius” were all “explained” as farting, a drinking game and mentoring by a female classmate.

            Kind of hard to swallow, but he did get confirmed.

            A visual of a black man and a racist KKK drinking a beer together could very well have been a costumed attempt to illustrate the gap of racism has been bridged. Who knows what liberal students come up with.

            We have a president who bragged about assaulting women on tape. He admitted he did it and said it. He called virtually all Mexicans coming across the border rapists and criminals (To be fair, “some”, just “some” he “supposed” were good people. How magnanimous!). He same some good people march under a Nazi flag.

            And he not only got elected, he is still in office.

            Northam need not resign and if I were him, I wouldn’t.

            Like I said earlier, Democrats seems to eat themselves. Franken got the same treatment as Cosby and Weinstein.


    1. You have a point. I guess my point is that Trump’s transgressions were those of a 71 year old candidate and current president and that made no difference in his attaining or holding office today.

      Versus 35 year old tasteless costuming of a student during a raucous med school party. Whether is actually was Northam or not.

      Besides my beef is more with the Democrats than any other group. They seem to want to show how “pure” they are with any hint of possible racial insensitivity or sexual innuendoes.


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