Pilot LTE:Democrat’s empty promises


Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

9 thoughts on “Pilot LTE:Democrat’s empty promises

  1. The elder President Bush ran on a promise of No New Taxes, but as the deficit rose, he made a deal with Democratic leaders in Congress, offering to accept a tax increase to be followed by $2 in spending cuts for every $1 in tax increase.

    But as soon as the tax cut was passed, the promised spending reductions were forgotten. Instead, spending increased under threat of a shutdown.

    That broken ‘No news taxes’ promise so infuriated much of the GOP base that it opened a window for Ross Perot to mount a popular 3rd party run that took 15% of the popular vote and allowed Bill Clinton to displace Bush with a plurality.

    Now, President Trump is being offered a promise of future negotiations on border security in return for giving up his leverage in the partial shutdown.

    If the Senate and Trump fall for this scam, shame on them. Promises by Democrats mean nothing. Once the leverage is gone, the promises will be gone as well.

    Trump should stand firm and keep his promise.


  2. That was 30 years ago. Holding grudges about actions taken in history in which none of the players are in office or even alive is like the feuding in Islam about who is the true descendant of Mohammed.

    Besides Trump promised over and over that the Mexicans would pay and he reneged. He was offered full funding a year ago and he reneged. His administration offered a compromise and he reneged. He stormed out of a meeting with Pelosi to discuss a compromise.

    And you say the Democrats are not to be trusted?


    1. “He was offered full funding a year ago.”

      No, he wasn’t. The funding then was for other security measures and for repairs and upgrades on existing wall segments, but forbade spending on new segments.

      As to holding grudges, yes Bush’s betrayal was 30 years ago, but please do point to an instance of when Democrats have kept a promise to compromise in the absence of leverage since then.

      To Democrats, bipartisan means the GOP submits and Democrats take credit.


      1. “He backed a “clean” bill to extend DACA, protect the so-called “Dreamers,” and bolster border security, absent the more controversial immigration measures conservatives want; then, he said he’d “take the heat” for a more comprehensive immigration overhaul along the lines of what Trump had denounced as a candidate in 2016; later, he demanded that Congress fund the southern border wall as part of the initial DACA deal, reinserting the wrench that has held up the immigration talks for weeks.
        More Stories

        Finally, Trump said he’d sign whatever immigration bill Congress could send him. “I’m not saying I want this or I want that. I will sign it,” he told the group.”


        Then Durbin-Graham had the meeting in the White House:

        “If passed, the bill would appropriate $2.705 billion in border security improvements, eliminate the visa lottery, make permanent the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program — offering a pathway to citizenship to those who qualify — and limit “chain migration,” or family-based migration, of the individuals eligible for the program.”


        No flex from Trump and he lied about accepting a bill.


  3. I wish The Pilot didn’t publish letters like this one which make unprovable assertions. They encourage mind reading and argument by psychological analysis. We get too much of this already from outlets like CNN.


    1. Next time you reply at the Pilot, try to slip in the tidewaterforum.blog title. I would do it at the end of a comment since the censors picked up one of mine when that was posted first line.

      We need some more folks here to keep this forum lively and balanced.



      1. RE: “Next time you reply at the Pilot, try to slip in the tidewaterforum.blog title.”

        It’s kind of a sleazy thing to do, but I don’t mind.


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