Hardships from the shutdown


Why are layoffs only a problem when government workers are involved?

15 thoughts on “Hardships from the shutdown

  1. Yes, it is a hardship for Coast Guard and TSA employees miss a paycheck, even though they will be repaid later, but why is this such a tragedy when such layoffs in the private sector, which will not be made good later are not newsworthy?

    Thousands of pipeline workers have been laid off in recent years due to lawsuits challenging permits long after the projects were underway. Where were the front page articles bemoaning those families difficulties?

    Layoff’s due to economic downturns happen regularly, often as a result of stifling regulations that produce little real good other than to appease extremists. But those suffering families get no mercy from the press.

    Self employed entrepreneurs often loose their businesses, and their investments due to government actions, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem.

    So, why is it that any inconvenience to government employees is a national tragedy while hardship in the private sector is non-news?


  2. “Self employed entrepreneurs often loose their businesses, and their investments due to government actions, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem.”

    That is what is happening now because of the shutdown. And it has been in the news.

    The effects of this shutdown will far out weigh the perceived value of a specific kind of wall. Millions of people are losing money over this, not just a few contractors. The slowdown at airports is now starting to be felt. How much money will be lost there?

    And even active duty military as in Coast Guard? Wow

    Your disdain or even seeming hatred of anyone who works for the government is puzzling.


    1. I have no ill will for government employees who are not in policy making positions.

      My gripe is not with the employees but with the news media and politicians who see a delay in payments to government employees as a tragedy to be exploited but for whom job destruction in the private sector goes unnoticed or is even celebrated.

      Regarding TSA employees, it goes back a long way, but I told you so.

      Airport security was the responsibility of the airports and the airlines and was self funding through charges to the airlines. Libertarians warned against Federalizing airport security and including it in discretionary funding by the Federal Government but our warnings were ignored.

      What we have now is ‘security theater’ which serves no real purpose as when tested it consistently fails. The airlines insurers would have been far more effective in providing real safety with better service.

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      1. RE: “The effects of this shutdown will far out weigh the perceived value of a specific kind of wall.”

        Maybe the wall is not the objective.


  3. If there is any doubt this shutdown is an orchestrated tragedy, consider this.

    Libertarians across the country have volunteered to clean up national parks during the shutdown so people can continue to enjoy them, But now, they are being turned away, beginning in Shiloh National Park.

    I guess the government workers are concerned that many of them could be replaced by volunteerism.


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    1. You are extrapolating a lot of the same hatred of government workers.

      Your article just suggested by one of the Libertarians that maybe, just maybe, someone turned them in (no evidence) and maybe a few Facebook posts were negative (no evidence).

      Then your article said:

      “A Shiloh National Military Park ranger can be heard saying in the video that he understands that the volunteers are trying to help but that volunteers can’t clean up without a signed volunteer liability waiver.

      The Jackson Sun reached out to Shiloh National Park but has not received a response.”

      A reasonable assumption since liability is always a problem in our society. Maybe the ranger was just being overly cautious.

      And no response from the park? There is a shutdown you know. Perhaps the few unpaid folks at the park are not in a position to do much more than what they can handle in the park itself.

      Volunteers have been cleaning up parks all over the country without an incident.


      I would call your link “fake news”.

      There is no “orchestration” about millions losing paychecks, ruining credit, having private business losses. Or our own Coast Guard personnel going without pay. Some Commander-in-Chief, eh?

      The real orchestration is the phony “crisis at the border”. If that were true, then send in the National Guard, hire more patrols and buy more drones. It will be years before any substantial amount of wall is added even if the funding came tomorrow.

      Trump said he would “look foolish” if he compromised on the wall to re-open the government.

      Honestly, he cannot look any more foolish than he has since he started campaigning.



    2. RE: “I guess the government workers are concerned that many of them could be replaced by volunteerism.”

      Bingo! That would be helpful. I imagine agencies across the government will be writing reports to explain to management how they handled the shutdown.


    1. Between the shutdown and the tariffs, a lot more businesses than a local brewery are affected nationwide. And conservatives complain about the hardships some regulations cause.


    2. A more important question is why a local brewery needs permission from the Federal government to open in the first place. Local zoning should be the only hurdle. If the Feds want to impose an excise tax, and they can’t get their act together to collect it, too bad for them.

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      1. “It’s not just breweries waiting to open that are affected, but any brewery that distributes across state lines.”

        Interstate commerce must be the sticking point.

        Perhaps the law needs to be changed, but for now it is the law. And this is just one more example of the problems for small businesses and farmers that rely on decisions or subsidies already in place. Trump just doesn’t care so long as he saves face and doesn’t “look foolish” to the hard line conservative media.

        If Obama shut down the government for a month and businesses, workers and government employees were affected like this by the millions, you can bet the Republicans would be filing impeachment bills.


        1. Hell yes the law needs to be changed.

          Like the Federalization of TSA, this is a problem that precedes Trump or Obama.

          You don’t need a permit to sell corn or flashlight batteries or other legal products across State lines, so why beer?

          We should give government, at every level, only the minimum powers necessary to protect our rights. Giving it the power to “do good” only leads to trouble.

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          1. Fine. Let’s change the laws.

            But meanwhile business is suffering because Trump is unhappy with the funding that comes from Congress.

            If I am not mistaken, all funding comes from Congress.

            Presidents may disagree, but they are supposed to administer a government with the monies they get.

            And putting millions either out of work, losing businesses, losing paychecks but still forced to work for free, or creating chaos for Americans a real President needs to step up to the plate a represent all of us, not just the 25% or so that voted for him.


  4. Thomas Lifson, publisher of American Thinker, has an interesting take on the shutdown:

    “Has President Trump suckered Democrats and the Deep State into a trap that will enable a radical downsizing of the federal bureaucracy? In only five more days of the already “longest government shutdown in history” (25 days and counting, as of today), a heretofore obscure threshold will be reached, enabling permanent layoffs of bureaucrats furloughed 30 days or more.”


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