Pilot LTE :Cold War Victory Reversed?


2 thoughts on “Pilot LTE :Cold War Victory Reversed?

  1. Hardly.

    The current hyperbole about the danger posed by Russia stem from ignorance of Russian history.

    Russia is not embarking on an expansionist agenda, it is reconsolidating its pre-Soviet borders.

    The Crimea has always been ethnic Russian, but during the Soviet Era, it was transferred to the Ukraine for the purpose of breaking up ethnic concentrations that might threaten the Soviet State, a process not unlike Gerrymandering. The Russian actions in the Crimea are not unlike had the UN transferred Florida to Cuba, and we took it back.

    Likewise, Russia’s only warm water port in the Mediterranean is in Syria, so it is in their national interest to support the existing government against the Islamic insurgents. They are simply pursuing their national interests in their own back yard.

    Putin is not a nice guy, but he is interested primarily in getting richer and restoring Russia to it’s Pre-Soviet importance in the world.

    That does not make Russia our enemy.

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  2. Agreed. Though I have little doubt that Russia, in looking after its own interests, attempted to influence our elections. This pales in comparison to our interference in their elections and our foisting of Yeltsin on them. It pales in comparison to the dictatorial influence of the Saudis, Israel, the UAE or corporate interests in our last election as documented in this fine piece of investigative journalism.


    None of this speaks well to the legitimacy of this misadministration or the filthy, broken, corrupt excuse for elections we presently have.


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