Octavio Cortez Soak the Rich


3 thoughts on “Octavio Cortez Soak the Rich

  1. What our new, US Socialists should learn from their European predecessors is that the unintended consequences of requiring the top 1% to pay for everything will destroy the economy. They didn’t get to be the top 1% by being sitting ducks. They will adjust, and capital will flee the country, taking quality jobs with it.

    Europe’s single payer health care system and retirement plans are paid for by flat payroll taxes much like FICA and with VAT(consumption) taxes. They do not rely on the progressive income tax nearly so much as we do, The welfare state always fails, but it will do so far more slowly if the burden is widely spread.


    1. You do realize that those who took Krugman’s advice on when to get in and out of the stock market will have lost half their potential nest egg.

      When has experience ever proved him right?


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