Was this really the hottest decade?


One thought on “Was this really the hottest decade?

  1. Were it not for variability, 2018 should be the hottest year on record. Why? Because our records start at the end of the Little Ice Age and a cyclical return to normal temperatures from prior to the LIA would yield a temperature increase every year over the year before. But, of course, the average annual increase is small and the variability is large, so the natural increase is lost in variability.

    For the US as a whole, the hottest years were in the 1930s, but NOAA ‘adjusted’ the data. The original data was

    Note the 0.4C trend is lost on the 2C annual variability.

    What does all that mean? That we really don’t know how much warming we are getting, but that misuse of statistics by alarmists can make it appear much more of a problem than it really is.



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