Pilot Editorial: Schools Safety and Gun Control


One thought on “Pilot Editorial: Schools Safety and Gun Control

  1. Another sad replay of the same virtue signalling but useless gun control measures that would have done no good and might have made things much worse.

    School shootings, despite hysterical exaggerations by gun control proponents are very rare.


    and of those that can be confirmed, none of the remedies the Pilot Board offered would have made a difference, especially the repeated calls to ban AR-type rifles.If schools shootings occurred at ranges of 75 to 300 yards, they might be the problem, but at the ranges we see inside school buildings, experience has shown us that ordinary handguns pose a larger problem and those with experience with firearms nightmares are about ordinary shotguns and a shoulder bag of shotshells as the magazine on a shotgun can be replenished on the go without ever going empty and requiring a pause to reload. At the ranges we see indoors, shotguns are far more lethal.

    So, what would the Pilot’s repeated call for a ban on AR-rifles accomplish, other than drive madmen to more lethal choices?


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