What China Is Really Playing at in Ukraine

Source: The Unz Review.

It is eye-opening in a modest way to think of Ukraine as a way station in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, a connecting point for trade between Europe and Asia. The writer opines that this is the explanation for Xi Jinping’s recent conversation with Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

We begin to see, as well, that the U.S. administration’s interest in Ukraine has multiple dimensions, of which Russia’s relationship with Europe is only one.

I believe the U.S. should encourage China’s BRI. It or something like it is inevitable in the long run because there are so many potential benefits. Among them are the possibility of a better developed and more prosperous world. We should want this.

4 thoughts on “What China Is Really Playing at in Ukraine

  1. Seems like a reasonable conclusion. Afterall, it would be more efficient and certainly a boon for Ukraine’s development. Perhaps that boon is why Russia suddenly wants in on the action as a trade road “toll” collector.


  2. Incompetence in Washington has created a vacuum in world leadership and China is stepping up to fill it.

    The Biden administration doesn’t seem to know that bellicosity is not a substitute for leadership.


    1. Incompetence is one explanation. Malevolence is another.

      Ron Unz has a fascinating essay that details how neocons became a powerful political faction in the U.S. and prominent in both major parties:


      I used to believe that it is best for the U.S. to be the most powerful nation on Earth. I figured that our intentions and core values at least were honorable. But my views have changed — triggered, perhaps, by years of exposure to airport security.


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