9 thoughts on “The 10 Rules of Propaganda

  1. You hit the nail, but not the one I think you wanted to.

    Just about every point is the propaganda from Putin…to a “t”.

    Even “his cause is sacred”. The immoral West. Rootless cosmopolitans (Jews or non-Christians)

    Honestly, I see your point, but I doubt you see, or admit to, mine.

    I wish I could help, but I can’t.

    So, yes, “ you may be called upon to show that you are not just repeating propaganda.”

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          1. Well I gave you my “list” from the link.

            I asked to prove me wrong.

            I am sure you will, but like I said, I had time.

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  2. Egad, why do I bother? Heck, I’m recuperating at home.

    Ukraine pretty obviously didn’t want Russia to take their territory. Would you? The history of Russian rule killed at least 4 million in under Stalin. Later Soviet rule was no picnic. Bygone be bygones…I don’t think so.
    I checked, Ukraine did not send tanks towards Moscow last February along with an elite assault team at the airport.
    Silly reason #1
    Defending their country, period.
    International Human Rights organizations have that information. No doubt Ukrainians have committed some war crimes. We did, and virtually every other country’s wars had some. Terrorizing civilians with indiscriminate shelling and missiles into cities is Russian.
    I am sure Ukraine has used some cluster weapon, as the Russians. Thermobaric bombs is all Russian.
    As has been hashed out several time, exact figures are hard to ascertain. Outside agencies, intel, etc. do put losses heavy on both sides relative to manpower.
    Silly reason #2
    I already touched on that. Al Putin and his speeches on the immoral West, rootless Cosmopolitans.
    Russian prisons are packed with demonstrators against the war. Dissidents are killed. Oligarchs defenestrations. Ukraine has been trying to root out collaborators and I think the Russian priests have put on notice.

    Prove me wrong…as you prefer to ask.

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    1. RE: “Prove me wrong…as you prefer to ask.”

      No thanks. The article lists 10 propaganda rules and explains how they are factually incorrect. Unfortunately, you repeat propaganda to refute the explanations. So, unless you can show where the explanations are wrong, there’s nothing much I can say.


      1. Hey, you asked. And I answered.

        If that is the best you can do, I understand. So be it.

        PS: Did you me to challenge the veracity of the Civil War, or WW2? I thought the topic was Ukraine.

        Or I no idea what you want now.

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