RGGI Repeal Debate Rages on Comment Portal

Source: Bacon’s Rebellion.

“Virginia’s Air Pollution Control Board is continuing through the necessary steps to repeal Virginia’s participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a regional compact that imposes an allowance cost (carbon tax) on fossil fuels used in generating electricity.”

I support withdrawal from RGGI. I believe the benefits are illusory and my electricity bill will go up.

5 thoughts on “RGGI Repeal Debate Rages on Comment Portal

  1. I left a comment on the portal yesterday.

    Considering the one sided coverage the scheme gets in the press, I am not surprised that most comments are in support of RGGI. Ignorance of the truth leads to such misunderstanding.

    But I am really surprised that Democrats are not outraged by RGGI, they claim to want to protect the poor from predation by the rich and powerful. This is a prime example of such corrupt abuse.

    The RGGI will have no measurable effect on climate. I mean that literally. Even if you accept the IPCC models which overstate the effect of CO2 by at least double, the effect of the claimed reduction in CO2 on both temperature and sea level rise are less than the margin for error in measurement.

    And, of course, it will have no effect at all on subsidence and settling, which make up at least half of relative sea level rise in Norfolk.

    So, since RGGI is not an environmental measure, what it really amounts to is just a hidden tax concealed in our utility bills. Worse, it is a very regressive tax, as utility bills are a much larger share of the poor and middle class expenses than for the wealthy.

    Where does the money go? There is a token home insulation program but the bulk of it will go to protect the million dollar homes and businesses built on and near the waterfront from flooding.

    Apparently you can sell anything the Democrats if you label it “Climate Change” even though it has no effect at all on climate. Even a tax on people who cannot afford the luxury of living on the waterfront to rescue the wealthiest among us from their on folly in building in flood prone areas.


    1. How do you think the public comment results will be processed? Will a simple majority, pro/con, have any type of decisive effect?


      1. I doubt it.

        Most of the comments are really from Dominion people. Dominion is really more in the subsidy harvesting business than power generation.

        If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be funny to watch the Democrats, who think they are heroes of the little guy, work so hard to screw over the middle class for the benefit of those who built their homes by the water so they could dock their yachts.


      2. Looking at the comments online I’d expect to see a pro-RGGI result, too, but I have no idea how our representatives think about public comment projects like this one.


  2. Why am I thinking that the two of you, Don and Mr. Roberts, would also tell a woman to just lie back and enjoy her rape because it was inevitable?

    I have noticed ZERO change in my electric bill, except downward because of usage, since RGGI was initiated. Paying for resiliency programs and to assist low and middle income households in making their homes more energy efficient is a good thing. And doing it through RGGI spreads the costs to all. It is NOT just to protect the wealthy who have built on the water. There are a LOT of lower income neighborhoods along the rivers of the area. Not to mention the mountain folks who could use some assistance in combatting flooding in their neck of the woods.

    If it so terrible, why can’t Youngkin get anyone to sponsor a bill and push it through the legislature to pull out? Keep in mind the bill that was passed was written and sponsored by a Republican and passed in a bipartisan manner.

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