Jordan Face Plant

Predictably Gym Jordan’s eagerly anticipated Special Committee which is supposed to eclipse the January 6th Committee has started – let’s say – slowly. He has been touting the claim that he has dozens of FBI “whistleblowers” who will be spilling the beans on the political weaponization of the FBI against Trump and other “conservatives.” The first three “whistleblowers” turn out to be conspiracy theory nuts unable to supply actual evidence. And two of them are actually on the payroll of Team Trump.

Try as hard as I might, I could not make this stuff up. As Len might say, pass the popcorn.

6 thoughts on “Jordan Face Plant

  1. As MTG so graciously put it:

    “…do you think they give a fuk about your bullsht fact checking?”

    *Asteriks are mine. LR

    That is pretty much why I left another local site by a formerly prominent Pilot writer. I recall almost the exact phrase less the profanity.

    We are in the post-fact era because facts interferes with Republican agendas.

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  2. Who cares? The whistleblowers haven’t testified yet. Consequently, this story is a case of getting one’s panties in a wad over nothing.


    1. Your tribe is pretty good at that. Offering a solution in search of a problem.

      In this instance the “whistleblowers” in question don’t even qualify under the law as whistleblowers. They are conspiracy mongering bad cops who got fired or suspended for being bad at their jobs.

      Plus, they are receiving “financial” support form Kash Patel, a former Trump admin official and Big Lie proponent.

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