MAGA Jackass Brays Again

MAGA Republicans in the House are holding hearings to prove that the Biden administration has failed to control the border and as a result he is to blame for the rise in fentanyl related deaths. They had testimony from a mother who tragically lost two sons to fentanyl poisoning because the percocet they thought would make them high was laced with it. It is a very serious problem no doubt.

MAGA leader Marjorie Taylor Greene was very sympathetic to the woman’s sad story when she had her turn in the questioning and she tweeted about it to spread the word or Biden’s tragic failure.

Notice the text of her tweet where she gets her licks in on both Biden and the Chinese. But, here is the point. The woman’s son’s died four months before the end of the Trump administration. Yes, really. So, when this obviously significant fact was disclosed, CNN reporters asked her office for comment and asked whether she would remove the tweet based on the facts. The reply they got in an email was . . . “Do you think they give a f**k about your bullsh*t fact checking?”

MAGA in a nutshell.

7 thoughts on “MAGA Jackass Brays Again

  1. So nowhere in your rant did the woman or Greene specifically state Biden was responsible for her sons deaths but that the Biden administration has miserably failed to control the border smuggling of dangerous drugs resulting in massive fentanyl deaths that continue to grow which is obviously true. In addition, Biden failed to control the border as VP as well contributing to todays tragic loss of life due to drugs. Trump tried his best to close the border but Democrats would have nothing to do with it fentanyl and all. So it’s either Biden’s fault or Democrats as a whole, take your pick but either or both is responsible. I say both are murderers who care more for votes than life.


    1. Right. ALL of the border issues and drug trafficking started in January 2021.

      ” I say both are murderers who care more for votes than life.”

      Seeing as the GOP controlled BOTH house of Congress AND the White House from 2017 to 2019, and did ZERO on the border issue, you need to refocus your blame. It is BOTH parties, not just the Democrats.


  2. “Listen to this mother, who lost two children to fentanyl poisoning, tell the truth about both of her son’s murders because of the Biden administrations refusal to secure our border and stop the Cartel’s from murdering Americans everyday by Chinese fentanyl.”

    She was pretty specific. But, like she told reporters…

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  3. She did make a poor choice of examples, but her criticism is still spot on.

    Biden’s tacit open border by way of inviting abuse of the asylum system has our border control agents who should be inspecting vehicles coming through the points of entry either running down ‘gotaways’ crossing where there is no wall or processing paperwork for phony asylum claims.

    We are wasting valuable manpower running in place managing the flood of illegal migrants invited to bluff their way in and there’s no one left to check for hidden compartments in incoming vehicles.


    1. “Biden’s tacit open border”…

      Your blatant LIE. There is no open border tacit or otherwise. And CURRENT information shows that his policies are actually WORKING.

      I know it would cause you to have a stroke to admit that, but it is true and I have posted the information on other threads.


  4. “She did make a poor choice of examples”

    Uh no. She deliberately LIED and when offered a chance to correct the record, basically said Go fuck yourself.

    Biden has no “tacit open border policy.” That is some 100% genuine MAGA bullshit. And your pretending that the lack of Trump’s beautiful wall is a problem is simply funny. And sad.

    The real lesson from this testimony is that Biden inherited serious problems at the border. And more progress could be made if the Republicans were serious about solutions. They are not. They never have been. They are the ones who attract and exploit undocumented workers while scoring political points by whining about them.

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    1. The lack of seriousness during the last administration was exposed when Trump had illegals on the payroll at his golf clubs. While president.

      “Do as I say, not what I do” on steroids.

      Now that is hubris.

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