Why I’m Running for President

Source: The Wall Street Journal (free link).

I don’t know anything about this fellow. My first impression of him on TV last night was that he reminds me of Ben Shapiro, an unfavorable connection.

But, the more the merrier I say. I’ll listen, at least, to anyone running for president who wants to change the world.

25 thoughts on “Why I’m Running for President

  1. He’s running as a culture warrior. HIS words.


    …” “he is not running as a businessman. He is running as a culture warrior… He thinks that America’s almost become too soft.” ”

    He might do better if he ran as a businessman, which he is. But then again, the last businessman who ran, won and has done more for himself than the country. – IMO

    The more MAGA-ites running, the easier it will be for the Democrats to take back the House, grow their majority in the Senate, and HOLD the White House.

    “Meanwhile, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison said in a statement after the announcement: “As Vivek Ramaswamy uses Tucker Carlson’s show to announce his campaign for president, one thing is clear: The race for the MAGA base is getting messier and more crowded by the day.””

    Let me know when the GOP wants to actually GOVERN again.

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    1. RE: “The more MAGA-ites running, the easier it will be for the Democrats to take back the House, grow their majority in the Senate, and HOLD the White House.”

      Sounds like wishful thinking to me. By this time next year, Democrats will be trying to free themselves from their branding as the Party of War.


      1. “By this time next year, Democrats will be trying to free themselves from their branding as the Party of War.”

        Now, that’s funny!

        In terms of branding, it is hard to imagine how the MAGA party can ever escape being seen as the Party of Pootie known for hating this country and rootin’ for Putin

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      2. “Sounds like wishful thinking to me”

        Of course it does. However, a little pre-2024 speculation is good for the soul. Don projects election results quite often. He is also WRONG, quite often. I want to see if I can do a little better.

        As far as the Party of war thing goes, that is your delusional opinion. The support for Ukraine in our several levels of government is quite strong. Ask Lindsay Graham if you doubt that.

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  2. Black and brown politicians have found a niche in the GOP – creating the illusion that America’s hatred-based party is not a hatred-based party. Meanwhile the candidates are trying to outdo each other and the glorious Birther-in-chief in their whining about “wokeness,” rooting out CRT where it does not exist, demonizing Black Lives Matter, and banning the teaching of African-American history. No racism here. Move along. Move along.

    It is a sorry spectacle.

    The good news is the more they slug it out over these fake “issues,” the more damage they are doing to the Republican brand with the majority of Americans who have had it up to here with their nonsense, ugliness, and failures.

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      1. “Clearly, the Democratic Party is the hatred-based one.”

        Sorry, but you are wrong again. Democrats do not run on demonizing people who are different. They run on ideas to solve problems.

        The leader of your party rose to the top on hatred. Those who are trying to unseat him are tripping all over themselves blowing their racist dog whistles. Them’s the facts.

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          1. “Basket” was a direct reference to neo-Nazis, White supremacists, “militia” gangs.

            But you knew that. (You don’t approve of those do you?)

            “Flyover” as far as I can tell is a point of pride for rural Americans.

            But you know and use it also.

            “Ultra MAGA”? Never heard of it.

            You might not know that.

            You seem to try so hard to be the long suffering victim.

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          2. “Basket of deplorables”
            “Ultra MAGA”
            “Flyover country”

            Nice try, I guess but I am not aware of any Democrats running on any of those. Not the way you people CONSTANTLY and DELIBERATELY demonize African-Americans, the LGBQT community, immigrants, etc. to curry favor with your hater base.

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          3. Biden can’t complete a sentence without saying Ultra MAGA

            Please provide an example of conservatives demonizing Blacks, or Gays.

            I see criticism of some behavior among the LGBQT community when interacting with children but most conservatives take a live and let live stance regarding adult relationships.


          4. “Ultra MAGA” is a political philosophy that people choose. Comparing them to the targets of MAGA hate is a dog that will not hunt.

            “Please provide an example of conservatives demonizing Blacks, or Gays.”

            BLM is not a violent movement.
            CRT is not taught in schools.
            Transgender people are not recruiting children or looking to ogle girls in rest rooms.
            Drag Queens are not child molesters or “groomers.”
            The borders have not been thrown open.
            George Soros is not behind all of our problems.
            Jewish space lasers do not exist.

            If you listen to “conservative” politicians and the lying liar media that support them you would think all of those things are real issues.

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  3. You have no definition of “woke,” you just use it as a slur.

    When an LGBT issue comes up, you say gay rights are “woke.”
    When racism comes up, you say uplifting black people is “woke.”
    When sexism comes up, you say claiming a woman has the same rights as a man is “woke.”
    When xenophobia comes up, you say treating immigrants humanly is “woke.”

    And do you know why you say that?

    It’s because saying “gay people choose to be gay and that’s perversion” sounds bad.
    It’s because saying “black people are second class citizens” sounds bad.
    It’s because saying “women should always obey their men” sounds bad.
    It’s because saying “immigrants are rapist, murderers, and drug dealers and should be kept in cages” sounds bad.

    You have a definition of “woke.” It’s burned deep into your soul. You know what “woke” is and you despise it because if you don’t, you have to despise what you really believe.

    IknowIknowIknow! YOU never said any of that. “Show me a quote where I said that!”

    There is no quote because you rarely say what you really believe out loud. You just say “woke” instead. It makes you feel better. It makes you feel like you aren’t in the “hate-based party.” But, guess where using “woke” as a slur put you?

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    1. Today’s word on Tidewater Forum is WOKE. Brought to you by Christopher Rufo who first tweeted out the idea to use it to define ANYTHING the Democrats do or say. It is called MARKETING and playing to the base by using the word that was sold to the MAGA-verse.

      Own the libs? Nah, just fool the MAGA-ites.


    2. Coddling men dressed as women using female bathrooms, locker rooms, showers and playing female sports is WOKE. News flash female athletes despise it.
      Trying to use history to create modern day oppressors and oppressed and teach children they are racists and have phony “white privilege” is WOKE
      Women do have the same rights as men, who are you trying to kid?
      Open borders and free money for illegal aliens is WOKE, but we all know your propensity to favor use of OPM.


      1. I don’t know why I bother even trying to communicate, but it’s a slow day and I’ve got nothing better to do so here goes.

        Allowing people to marry the person they love is not “coddling.” Drag queens commit far less sex crimes than straight pedophiles. Female athletes make WAY less money than male athletes so I don’t expect many males are going to want to crash that party.

        If the Germans can teach their kids about concentration camps and gas chambers, I think our kids deserve to know about slavery. They need to know about things like the Colfax Massacre and the Tulsa Massacre and the KKK… so none of that will happen again. And as for your “phony white privilege,” they need to know about the Green Book and lunch counters and beaches where black people weren’t allowed… so none of that will happen again.

        Women do not have the same rights as men, who are YOU trying to kid. Do you have bodily autonomy? Do you have to turn over your medical records to the government? Do you walk to your car in a dark parking lot alone at night with pepper spray in your hand? Do you have to worry about how you dress in case you are attacked and a judge decides you “were asking for it?”

        The borders are not open and nobody is getting “free money.” The vast majority of immigrants are honest, hardworking people who are seeking a better life. Without their labor, you wouldn’t have food on your table.

        Wanna know who’s responsible for the drug problems in this country? It’s not the drug runners. It’s their customers. It’s their white, upper-class party-boy customers. It’s the recreational users in the Country Clubs.

        Wanna know how China got rid of their drug problem? They didn’t go after the dealers. They found that as soon as they caught one dealer, another one took his place. They couldn’t eliminate the dealers but they could eliminate their market. They executed anyone found using drugs.

        That’s why closing our borders will never eliminate our drug problem. Our drug problem is caused by drug customers. And drug customers are politicians who sniffle as they give speeches about building walls.

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        1. Why don’t you respond to what I wrote instead of typical deflection?
          What does homo marriage have to do trans freaks invading women’s rights to privacy? What does women’s sports not being as profitable as men’s sports have to do with rights?
          What does teaching history in the past tense have to with teaching white kids they owe black kids?
          What does you wanting to kill babies or walk around with mace have to do with rights?
          Over 70% of “immigrants” receive public assistance and free school of which they pay NO taxes for. Being willfully ignorant to facts isn’t an excuse for being WOKE.


      2. What about women who dress and live as men? Sounds to me like you are just fine with that.

        As for the rest of your drivel, Chris Rufo called and said he was very proud of his fanboys.

        “Open borders “…

        Lying to yourself? There are no “open borders”. In fact CATO Institute just released a report saying that the Biden border policies are working.

        And as a reminder, CONGRESS is responsible for writing the laws. Why hasn’t the newly minted GOP majority in the House submitted ANY kind of immigration reform measures? They are too bust trying to look at Hunter Biden’s “Big Guy” pics, and giving away their own security to Tucker “I’ve never heard of a conspiracy I didn’t like and POMOTE” Carlson.

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