By Design: Behe, Lennox, and Meyer on the Evidence for a Creator

Transcripted version.

I have long believed that science will eventually prove the existence of God.

That’s a somewhat crude way to put the matter. What I really mean is that nature seems to offer evidence that it was created and that we will someday be able to describe this observation in a scientifically rigorous way, perhaps even a testable (or falsifiable) one.

I see the conversation in the video as advancing along lines such as these.

3 thoughts on “By Design: Behe, Lennox, and Meyer on the Evidence for a Creator

  1. I don’t comment on religion.

    But I am reminded of a Sci Fi story I read many years ago.

    A priest was captured by Satan worshipers, to be sacrificed to summon the Evil one. Amid fire and brimstone, Satan appears to consume the priest. And the priest laughs, overcome with joy.

    His captors ask how he can laugh in the face of death, and the priest answers, “If Satan exists, then God does too.”

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  2. I have heard of several scholarly conversations along these lines.

    Personally, I have faith in a higher power. I believe that higher power gifted humanity with the ability to discover. Discovering, through science ,the existence of that higher power (yours or mine) is a gift. And it should not be taken lightly.


  3. The most compelling question I was asked by a priest was “you really don’t think this all happened by accident, do you?”. Not being very religous, I had no answer.


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