But, but Hunter Biden’s Laptop!


Easy Peasy Hypocrite test : Anyone claiming these facts don’t deserve as much or far more Congressional scrutiny as Hunter Biden’s laptop is a hypocrite.

Pop Quiz : Who said “I saved his ass.”

(a) Trump speaking of MBS after he blocked efforts to sanction him for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

(b) MBS speaking of Trump after investing BILLIONS in the Trump family’s mismanaged investments.

(c) All of the above.

Read the piece to find the answer.

And, lest we forget, there is this :


67 thoughts on “But, but Hunter Biden’s Laptop!

  1. “Family Trump” has spent a lifetime of giving the middle finger to America. I think that this says a great deal about his supporters that revere, praise and literally worship him…or is it Him?

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  2. But Paul, they have to make a big deal of Hunter Biden’s laptop. They have so little to whine over. One of the bloggers I follow at Palmer report explains why they do it. Here’s Robert Harrington’s explanation, speaking to MAGATs:

    “But just admit it. Don’t you sometimes wish that Joe Biden would screw up just once the way Donald Trump screws up practically every single day? For instance, don’t you wish Joe Biden would get on the phone and try to, oh, I dunno, blackmail Volodymyr Zelenskyy into announcing an investigation into one of Biden’s political enemies? Don’t you wish Biden actually HAD political enemies?

    Or, don’t you wish just one person was suing Biden for rape? Don’t you wish Biden would play golf at least once a week, or tweet something vicious and hateful about innocent poll workers (putting their lives in danger from lethal mobs), or brag incessantly about how great and smart he is, or cheat on his taxes, or promise to release his tax returns then fight like hell in court to keep us from finding out what they are?

    Don’t you wish Biden had started a bogus university then got successfully sued by former students who paid good money for a series of stupid and worthless classes and a diploma no one respects? Or here’s a good one: don’t you wish Biden had started a charity for kids with cancer then shifted the money that was supposed to go to help those kids to his own business instead?

    I mean think about it. Don’t you wish Biden and Jeffrey Epstein had been pals? Don’t you wish Biden had credibly been accused of child rape? Don’t you wish Biden, in a long career of crooked business dealings, had left a trail of ruined family businesses behind him, ruined because he engaged those family businesses in expensive contracts and then refused to pay them? Don’t you wish Biden were known for cheating the little guy? Don’t you wish Biden had owned at least one apartment building where he tried to keep people of colour out?

    Come on, admit it, don’t you wish that, instead of successfully rolling out 200 million doses of Covid vaccines to red and blue states alike, Biden instead only helped blue states while all the while planting doubts about the vaccine’s efficacy? Don’t you wish that Biden was still fighting the 2020 election, insisting that his inauguration crowd was way bigger than anyone else’s and that he won the election by fourteen million votes and not the measly seven million being reported by the fake news press? What fun that would be for you, huh?

    Admit it, wouldn’t life be a lot easier for you if Biden constantly favourably compared himself with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, or constantly insulted reporters and called them fake news and enemies of the people, or alienated America’s allies to the point where he was a laughingstock overseas? Don’t you wish Biden was a foul mouthed, ignorant, adderall-snorting, hate-tweeting braggart who made fun of disabled people and referred to Mexicans as murderers and rapists?

    Above all, don’t you really hate the fact that, if Biden was all the things Donald Trump is, we Democrats would stand side by side and shoulder to shoulder with you to get rid of him? Doesn’t it bother you that when there is a Democrat unfit for office, like former governor Andrew Cuomo, Democrats join Republicans in ousting them? Don’t you hate the certainty that if Democrats had a piece of lying, cheating, animal-charity swindling crap like George Santos we’d break both our legs rushing him out the door?

    Doesn’t all that bug you? Don’t you wish you had our embarrassment of riches when it comes to Republican wrongdoing? Imagine for a minute just how much fun that would be!

    For example, don’t you wish that when it was learned that Joe Biden had accidentally kept classified documents in his home, instead of immediately turning them over to the National Archives, he instead stonewalled them for 18 months, accused the FBI of planting them, claimed he’d declassified them with his mind and then turned over some of them and claimed that was everything when he still had more? Wouldn’t that make things so much easier for you?

    Admit it, you positively drool over the idea of catching Joe Biden with just one or two things that Donald Trump does routinely, every single day. Instead, all you’ve got are fantasies about the “Deep State” and Rudy-induced delusions about Hunter Biden’s laptop and dreadful nothing burgers like that.

    Well, at least take some solace from this. A lot of your fellow MAGA clowns don’t know any of this stuff. All they know is the tripe they’re fed by Fox so-called News. So your secret, as they say, is safe with me.

    Anyway, I know how you must feel. Hell, I feel your pain. It really must suck to be you, with such a toxic clown as Trump to live with. Anyway, thanks for hearing me out. You may now go back to being vicious and irresponsible.

    But just one more thing before you go. I can’t help but leave you with one more thing because I’m a moral-of-the-story kind of guy. This comes from the dreadful Holocaust at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. As far as I know it really happened, and it’s a very sad story.

    One day as guards were marching some Jews to the gas chamber, one of the Jews started saying to the guards, “shame, shame, shame,” like an incantation. It was picked up in a chorus by the other prisoners. Soon everyone in that doleful death march was saying it to the guards. “Shame, shame, shame.” The guards hung their heads in shame, of course. It didn’t do any good, of course. The guards did their duty — as they saw it. But history nevertheless remembers their shame. Trust me when I tell you this, my friend. History is going to remember your shame as well.”

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    1. Ms. Radford,

      Your quotation from the Palmer Report reproduces 90% of the original text in a way that appears to violate the fair use doctrine as it applies to copyrighted material. Because copyright infringement is a serious matter and potentially illegal, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the fair use doctrine:


      To demonstrate fair use, it is especially important to punctuate quoted material correctly:



  3. So some WAPO idiot makes claims of “may have” profited. This has already been looked into before and nothing, nada was found. As far as Ivanka, trademarks for soap, bath mats and trivial crap were all above board contracts. Hunter and Joe? Not above board which is why they lied.
    TDS knows no bounds but try harder next time. Those panties need another knot.


    1. ” Those panties need another knot.”

      Yours are the most wadded here. Your attempt on projecting in defense of Trump corruption is noted with with a laugh and a sneer.

      And who looked into it? Trump’s DOJ? Puh-lease.

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    2. “So some WAPO idiot . . .”

      In case you missed it, Hunter Biden’s business affairs were investigated in depth by a GOP-controlled Senate Committee before the 2020 election. So it is fair to say of the new House investigation of Hunter Biden . . . “This has already been looked into before and nothing, nada was found”

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  4. If there is any impropriety, it would be a matter for the SEC and FTC, as the Trump family’s business interests with the Saudi’s and Chinese manufacturers predate his entry into politics.

    The hypocrisy here is comparing a family of business people who entered politics after they were successful, and lost a great deal of wealth as a result of their political service, with a family which, absent political influence, would be living in cardboard boxes.


    1. Aside from tax fraud, bank fraud, cheating vendors, cheating his own students, cheating his own charities, getting favored business treatment for his family in China for lifting sanctions, setting up Saudi largesse for Jared to be cashed as soon as he left office, extorting and threatening election officials, using campaign funds for his own use, paying off mistresses as business expenses…and this is only what has been confirmed.

      There is your hypocrisy.

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      1. Why would any of that fall under the House Oversight Committee? That was all prior to Trump entering politics, or simply false.

        If there is evidence of any quid pro quo, it most certainly have been raised in one of the two impeachment attempts.

        You are blinded by your TDS


        1. I’m afraid you are disillusioned. None of the scams listed are anything but proven and real. Your definition of successful is fanciful. China dealings and favorable treatment for Ivanka was during his reign. As was Ukraine extortion. And the election fraud extortion attempts with actual threats for prosecution if they didn’t cheat for him.

          I am not the one with faulty vision.

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          1. Ivanka, per the original article, had turned her company over to a blind trust.

            The only Ukraine extortion was Biden as VP securing protection for Hunter’s “employers.”


          2. So the Chinese gave her rare patents and copyrights without knowing it was her?

            Uh, I don’t thinks so. No Trump as president, no deal for Ivanka…familial beneficiary.

            And MBS, against the advice of his own financial advisors loaded Kushner’s business with a few billion. Why couldn’t he get that before his father-in-law was president. He, as well as Trump had been bailed out by Saudis and affiliates before. And you complain about children and relatives having influence and importance with Biden. But nothing but praise for the same allegation, but on a billion dollar scale.

            Shameless, I have to say.

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          3. “The only Ukraine extortion was Biden as VP securing protection for Hunter’s “employers.””

            No matter how many times you tell that lie, it is still a lie.


          4. Do you think Ivanka would have gotten those precious trademarks without dad as president?

            Or Kushner his huge payday by the MBS largesse absent his father-in-law. The Saudis have bailed out both in the past, so being president allowed for payback on our dime, through arms and policies.

            I am sure Jordan and his buds are going to look into that nepotism and corruption posthaste. After all, one laptop just leads to another.

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          5. So the point is, according to what you seem to be saying, that so long as your child had some previous arrangements it is ok to base foreign trade policies on helping her get more business. ZTE sanctions lifted for a few dozen fast tracked copyrights.

            Seems fair. After all, if you can’t help your kids while president, what good is the job.

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          6. You are assuming without evidence that such a thing occurred.

            You speculate that there was a connection and that there was no other reason for those policies.

            Your TDS is not evidence.


          7. “You are assuming without evidence that such a thing occurred.”

            Pot, meet Kettle.

            You have done more speculation with less evidence concerning Hunter Biden.

            Screw your hypocrisy. And you show sure signs of BDS. And not the anti-Israeli kind.


          8. Just like your speculation that Biden personally cleared the way for Hunter and Burisma.

            Good, we can dispense with that canard finally.


          9. You don’t see a difference?

            Trump’s kids had ongoing business relationships prior to his entering politics.

            Hunter was unlikely to have been able to find Ukraine on a map until his Dad had control over their aid.


          10. John Gotti had ongoing business relationships also. (Trump had plenty of contacts among the Mafia, but that is another thread.) He was not available to run, so we got Trump instead.

            Fast tracking copyrights at the same time that sanctions were released, among other unsavory deals to come out eventually, is a coincidence only in the minds of MAGA.

            Helping MBS skirt his murder of a journalist working for an American paper paved the way for Kushner’s severance bonus.

            You don’t see a difference?

            Sadly, I don’t think you do.

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          11. “Ivanka, per the original article, had turned her company over to a blind trust”

            Oh, then I guess the Chinese authorities who fast-tracked and approved her several trademark applications had no way to know they were doing a favor for the Trump family. They just saw a big giant business-as-normal coincidence that Trump was lifting sanctions on that Chinese megacorp to save Chinese jobs.

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          12. “The only Ukraine extortion was Biden as VP securing protection for Hunter’s “employers.””

            I suppose you get some sort of childish glee out of repeating that LIE at every opportunity. It is pointless to remind you that there is zero evidence of its truth and countless thorough debunkings – you really don’t care about the truth. Obviously.

            I heard Trump’s “perfect call” and I know beyond a reasonable doubt that he was guilty of the offense for which he was impeached. He wanted dirt on Joe Biden and made it a condition for supplying the aid Congress had voted to send. That is extortion pure and simple.

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  5. ” . . . it would be a matter for the SEC and FTC . . .”

    Your defense the corrupt Trump Crime Family is nonsensical. Try thinking before you write? If the Trump family engaged in a quid pro quo with Saudi and Chinese interests – which appears to be the case – it matters not at all if there was a pre-existing business relationship.

    Besides, your facts are just plain wrong. There was no such prior business relationship. Look it up.

    Here, learn a little bit more about the criminal behavior you are defending . . .


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      1. Jeez, a few missed quote marks, even though there was on at the beginning and one at the end, and you come on strong. Yes, you may have a point. Still…

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        1. The idea that an actionable copyright infringement has occurred here is laughable. The article comes with links so that it can be easily spread and in Ms. Radford’s sharing of it she gave full credit and attribution.

          It really looks like Mr. Roberts found the litany of Trump’s crimes and misbehavior so clearly enumerated a little too much to swallow. A simple “So what?” wouldn’t do it for him this time. It is becoming more and more clear that censorship has become a MAGA thing. Best way to get ahead in the MAGA party is to ban some books and expunge some history.

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          1. Which is exactly why I posted it the way I did. If I had only posted a link, he wouldn’t have read it. He would have immediately proclaimed “fake news” because Palmer Report is a liberal blog. This way he had to address the facts stated in the post. Which, of course, he could not do. This time he had to resort to “I’m gonna delete your post.” Hypocrisy has no shame. But we already knew that.

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          2. RE: “The idea that an actionable copyright infringement has occurred here is laughable.”

            No one made such an accusation. If you don’t understand how fair use works, here, again is a link that explains it:


            RE: “It really looks like Mr. Roberts found the litany of Trump’s crimes and misbehavior so clearly enumerated a little too much to swallow.”

            Actually, I don’t take the Palmer Report seriously. Even Wikipedia describes it as a fake news web site.

            My only concern with Ms. Radford’s post is exactly what I stated.


          3. “No one made such an accusation. ”

            Uh, yes you did.

            “Your quotation from the Palmer Report reproduces 90% of the original text in a way that appears to violate the fair use doctrine as it applies to copyrighted material. Because copyright infringement is a serious matter and potentially illegal, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the fair use doctrine”


          4. RE: “This way he had to address the facts stated in the post.”

            If I had wanted to address the “facts” in your post I would have. Instead, I hope you will learn how fair use works for copyrighted material, and I gave you links to help you.


          5. “No one made such an accusation.”

            Except you. “Fair use” is an affirmative defense against a claim of copyright enfringement. Therefore there needs to be a copyright enfringement for it to be relevant. Having fully credited the author of the piece – a piece which is not only freely availabe on the internet and for which the author makes clear that it should be spread – there is no copyright enfringement to defend.

            My take . . . you boiled over at the material shared by Ms. Radford and lashed out like a peeved child.

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        2. RE: “Jeez, a few missed quote marks, even though there was on at the beginning and one at the end, and you come on strong. Yes, you may have a point.”

          Yes, I do have a point. How did I “come on strong”?


          1. ” How did I “come on strong”?”

            “You have been warned. If you commit copyright violations in the Forum, I will delete your content.”

            Others see what you don’t. More proof of your blindness to your own failings.


          1. I find it amusing that Mr. Roberts has a habit of claiming things like “copyright infringement” when the information is not to his liking. I had to explain to him previously that posts I shared or copied, fully attributed, were permitted by the entities that published them.

            Yet ANY and EVERYTHING he shares, it is never an issue.

            Hypocrite much?


          2. Yes, I know. People like that are tiresome. Explaining things to them is like trying to explain Mozart to a penguin. Not only do they not get it, they don’t want to get it, and couldn’t get it if they tried. They just go on honking and calling it music.

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          3. When I lived at the Presidio, I’d visit the San Francisco Zoo almost every week. They had a lovely penguin show. The penguins performed tricks and were very cute. But they never performed in concert with the music being played. I love penguins. They just ain’t got rhythm.

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          4. Dirty Harry is right. Know your limitations. Know when it’s worth falling on your sword. Not knowing when you’ve lost is a weakness only people like Putin can afford… and he’s going to pay a heavy price for his ego.

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          5. Here are the “real” dancing penguins:

            And, encore:

            The music may not be Mozart, but the participants are dressed like opening night at the opera.

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          6. ” I can also assure you that the law is not your primary concern.”

            Right. His “legal concerns” are a distraction from the factual information you posted.


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