More Balloons

MAGA-Republicans have their hair on fire over the Chinese balloon flying over the United States. It shows, they say, how weak President Biden is and how little respect the Chinese have for him. Well, an inconvenient truth has now come to light. There were not one, not two, but three such balloon incursions during the Trump administration. Not only were they not destroyed, their existence was kept from the American people.

Personally, I think such balloons are not a big deal and I do not fault Trump for keeping mum about them for diplomatic or other reasons. But what does stand out is the mammoth hypocrisy and double standard evidenced in these MAGA-Republican leaders.

19 thoughts on “More Balloons

  1. 🎶“ Up, up and away
    My beautiful, my beautiful balloon”🎶

    “ As noted by the Library of Congress, homing pigeons carried their first battlefield messages in 1870 during the Franco-Prussian War. In World War I, in addition to life-saving message delivery, armies started employing the birds to conduct reconnaissance photography. Tiny cameras attached to the pigeons’ chests with a harness would snap photos as the birds flew over enemy territory. This practice continued at least into the 1970s, according to the BBC, when the CIA developed an elaborate plan to train pigeons to take photos over Soviet shipyards.”

    Read More:

    Nothing new. Although balloons do fly higher and longer perhaps.

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  2. I’m guessing a very brief overflight of Florida, Hawaii and Guam airspace with much smaller payloads just didn’t measure up to the threat of actually flying over the entire middle of the country with an intelligence payload the size of 2 buses? This is the only time…


        1. Yep, previous supposed overflights are a nothing burger. A Chinese spy balloon flying over the entire contiguous US is a Whopper. A sad attempt at whataboutism by extremist liberals to claim otherwise.


          1. Uh, there are no “extremist liberals” on this forum. Myself and others you may have in mind with that comment are squarely in the mainstream. We support values and policies that a majority of people support. Those of you obsessing about “grooming” and the non-existent teaching of CRT are the “extremists” or something.

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    1. Only a far left wing extremist would dare falsely claim that schools teaching CRT doesn’t exist while being off topc again. Its well documented. The subject is Chinese spy balloons that they falsely claim over flew the contiguous US under Trump 3 times. Let’s stick with that.


      1. “Only a far left wing extremist would dare falsely claim that schools teaching CRT doesn’t exist while being off topc again.”

        CRT is an obscure academic subject that is relevant only in some college level courses and above. CRT is a battle cry among MAGA-Republicans because most of them are racists.

        You want to see the heart and soul of the GOP, look no further than Florida where its mini-Trump governor has now forbiden the use of the College Board’s Advanced Placement African-American History course. Pure pandering to weak-minded racists. It may be what this little shithead has to do to beat Trump in GOP primaries, but by going out of his way to pander to racists, he is poisoning the well when it comes to the general election where decent people who love this country are still the majority.

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        1. Didn’t read your own article did you? “According to some news sources” is so scientific and reliable. Nothing specific but only obscure hearsay was offered.


  3. Then why are officials in the Biden Admin offering to brief Trump officials concerning them?

    Is that more “on topic” enough for your petty little pre-Trump brain?

    CRT? Is that short for Can’t Remember Truth? Seems to be more of a problem for you and I really doubt it is being taught in schools.

    And you can take your “far left” and shove through you right butt cheek.


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