VA Dem Suicide Pact

VA Dems Block requirement for notifying parents

Louise Luca’s “Blue Wall” promising to kill anything the GOP passes in the House is going to come back to bite her. She is rapidly cementing the GOP identity as the “Parent Party” which was what carried Youngkin to victory.

But carry on,

16 thoughts on “VA Dem Suicide Pact

  1. Seeing as how most of these students that were affected were asian, I would say she is definitely practicing diversity in who she is angering, to put it mildly..


      1. How widespread is this problem of parental notification?

        Just like the spreading of stories about the FBI arresting parents who just spoke out at board meetings in one county in Northern Virginia.

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        1. Woke faculty have withheld merit notices from students and parents long enough to affect college admissions in at least three cases in VA alone.

          That. along with issues of gender confusion pushed on children are reason enough for parents to become activists.


          1. What three cases?

            Three cases out of how many “merit notices” in Virginia “alone”?

            There are well over 1.2 million HS students in VA.

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          2. Not 3 cases, three school systems.

            Thomas Jefferson magnet school. Louden County and another I don’t remember for certain, I think Fredericksburg.

            DOn’t have time to research for you, frying fish for family today.


          3. I found this article.


            Purposeful or just human error?

            Miyares says “up to 1000” students might have been affected. Obviously vague guesses, but they are looking into this.

            Somehow I find it hard to believe it was a conspiracy to thwart smart kids across so many school districts.

            Meanwhile the right wing media will keep this active until the next outrage. I am confident the truth will out. Probably when no one cares anymore. Fortunately, either way, Merit winners will do well no matter which schools they attend.

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          4. …”along with issues of gender confusion pushed on children “…

            Such fear based BS. Where is gender confusion being PUSHED on children? If the children are the ones who are confused, support and compassion from ALL fronts is necessary for a healthy resolution. If the parents are providing unhealthy decisions for their children, then the compassion at school may be the only thing the children get.


          5. Thought you were frying fish for the fam today and didn’t have time. 😇

            You did NOT answer the question of WHERE such gender confusion is being pushed.

            Do you have time to answer the question, or are you going to pull something from Babylon Bee of Libs of Tiktok to back your BS?


          6. I finished the prep work, actual frying is done when family arrives.

            Libs of Tiktok is a good source thanks to the activists who feel the need to brag about their activism.


          7. Only look to the extremists? When the “lefties” here point out the extremists on the right, you tend to veer towards defending them, while we actually remind you that they are the extremists.

            But in your world there are no “right wing” extremists.


          8. Would it not be a better question for you to pursue as to WHY trans activists are so intent on performing for children?

            I have known trans people for 40 years. Lucy was passing as a woman, as an exotic dancer. Others were doing comic drag shows for ladies brunches and bachelor parties.

            It is not until the last 5 years that the idea of “Family” drag shows became a thing.

            Why the obsession for performing before children?


          9. Maybe you should ask the parents that don’t have an issue and allow their children to attend or take them themselves.

            Putting the blame on the performers is misplaced.


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