Clueless MAGA-Republican Trivializes the Holocaust.

Yep, it is none other than Gym Jordan who tweeted the following complete nonsense on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“First, they came for your guns. Then your gas stoves. Then your gas cars. What next?”

This phrasing is channeling the timeless lament by Martin Niemöller :

“First they came for the Communists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a communist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

As a reminder, this clueless, sex-crime-ignoring jackass is now one of the most powerful members of the Republican Party.

32 thoughts on “Clueless MAGA-Republican Trivializes the Holocaust.

  1. RE: “This phrasing is channeling the timeless lament by Martin Niemöller.”

    Good for Jordan. It is especially apt to invoke memories of the Holocaust at a time when Democratic Party Brown Shirts (Antifa) are rioting again.


    1. Maybe my previous comment was too harsh? Maybe you just do not know what the Holocaust was and that more than six million people were systematically murdered? Maybe that is why you applaud Gym Jordan for trivializing it by comparing such a monstrous crime to the imaginary taking of guns, gas stoves, and gas cars? Here, begin to educate yourself . . .

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    2. The Holocaust is special among the genocide of history.

      The Armenians (1 million) died because of forced removals and forced religious conversions.

      Rwandans (800,000] by ethnic revolt.

      Ukrainians [4 million) by Stalin by literal starvation for policy changes and punishment.

      There are others, but those are some of the worst.

      But deaths alone don’t describe the Holocaust. Systematic and fastidious, well kept records along with the methodology of execution by Zyklon gas and removal of gold teeth followed by cremation is almost unfathomable to most humans. We treat our cattle better, and that is no bragging point.

      That this was done purely for an ethnic/religious excuse to cleanse the Master Race was the result of endless 2 millennia effort to use Jews as scapegoats by ruling classes. Bad enough on its own, but wait, there is more.

      We argue endlessly, but there is no doubt that for a people numbering about 16 million worldwide, the impact on science and intellectual pursuits has been enormous. Why we are so fixated on eliminating a people who revere education so much is probably telling. Perhaps we not much above the Chimps among the masses.

      So, among genocides, the Holocaust shows us what the worst we can do and it would be nice to avoid that again. Yet attacks on synagogues are way up again. For me, the Jordan’s of our country are part of the problem. Constant referencing by the right to Jewish bankers and media moguls, think Soros,, is how it starts. “Jews will not replace us”, was shocking during the Charlottesville riots.

      I know you were making light of his comment to tie together ANTIFA with Nazi street fighters in Germany. Jordan has no excuse other than obliviousness, ignorance or evil intent. Since he is crafty and well educated, I go with evil, even Satanic.

      And all this is, of course, my opinion.

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      1. RE: “I know you were making light of his comment to tie together ANTIFA with Nazi street fighters in Germany.”

        I would put it differently. Jordan used a rhetorical device to make a point he considered valid. You and Mr. Murphy are overreacting.

        For what it’s worth, I don’t regard the Holocaust as “special among the genocide of history [sic].” I believe a person would have to be intellectually dishonest to think that way — for example, by making moral choices based on emotional reactions.

        Had 1,000 fewer Jews been killed, would the evil have been “1,000 less”? Alternatively, if you and Mr. Murphy can legitimately label 1,000 of your neighbors as unfit (because you regard them as “Holocaust deniers”), does that make the two of you somehow “1,000 more virtuous”?


        1. So Len is “intellectually dishonest” because he has a different view of the Holocaust than you do?

          He gave his reasons why the Holocaust was special in the history of genocide. They were valid reasons without an ounce of dishonesty in them.

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        2. RE: “They were valid reasons without an ounce of dishonesty in them.”

          I disagree, as already stated. Anything else?


          1. “Anything else?”

            You can disagree with Len’s opinion that the Nazis ran a special sort of genocide distinct from all others. That is fine. But the fact you disagree – stupidly in my opinion – does not mean that he is “intellectually dishonest.” I suggest you think about that and offer Len an apology for you unprovoked and stupid incivility.

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          2. RE: “I suggest you think about that and offer Len an apology for you unprovoked and stupid incivility.”

            Don’t be ridiculous.


          3. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

            Your unprovoked, unreasonable, and uncivil accusation of “intellectual dishonesty” against BY FAR the most civil and courteous participant in this forum merits an apology. You don’t think so? That is fine, too. It is who you are and you obviously cannot help yourself.

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    3. “Democratic Party Brown Shirts (Antifa) are rioting again.”

      Where exactly is this happening? I have seen reports of arrests of protesters who broke the peace, but nothing about the rioting by the imaginary ANTIFA forces you claim.


  2. Wow, you guys are really desperate for something to be offended by. You must stay up nights scouring the Internet for something to twist into an insult.

    Yes, Niemöller used that phrasing about the Holocaust, but it is applicable to any form of oppression that succeeds because people do not act until they are directly affected.

    There are many phrases that spring from the Jewish experience that carry wisdom useful in other aspects of our political life. “Never Again” springs to mind.

    Can “Molon Labe” only be used by Spartans? Or can my wife answer threats to her gas stove with that phrase?

    Get a life.


    1. Exactly right. That is the literal interpretation. The silence of the German intellectuals and the clergy facilitated multiple evils.


      1. “We need the Jews. They give us science, medicine, finance, philosophy, things that make our lives better. They also provide us with whipping boys when needed.”

        Louie the Cavalier.

        “Nothing like a good pogrom for inventory reduction every few generations.”

        A great judge in VA.

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    2. “Yes, Niemöller used that phrasing about the Holocaust, but it is applicable to any form of oppression”


      You mean by a taking of guns that did not happen?
      You mean by a taking of gas stoves that that did not happen?
      You mean by a taking of gas cars that did not happen?

      You people cheapen everything you touch.
      Now you have cheapened the word “oppression.”

      As for “get a life” Gym Jordan is an extremely influential member of Congress. One who did his part in the January 6th attempted coup. Keeping up with and spreading the word of his total banality is worth doing. IMHO.

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      1. And yet

        California and several other states have unconstitutionally banned some types of firearms and the Senate is hearing a ban on semiautomatic rifles right now.

        Gas stoves, water heaters and furnaces are banned in new construction in California and several cities.

        Gas powered new cars will be banned in CA by 2035 and Virginia Democrats have slaved our laws to CA.

        Should we wait until it’s too late to take political action?

        BTW the bans on gas appliances is particularly stupid. Most of CA’s marginal demand electricity still comes from natural gas. Every step from burning fuel to make electricity, transmission and heat pump and resistance heating have inefficiencies, so, depending on outside temperatures, using electric appliances for heating uses 2 to 4 times as much natural gas as using the gas directly at the home.


        1. None of the local actions you refer to come even remotely close to “oppression.”

          It is a symptom of the sick and selfish “conservative” mind to see “oppression” in any action they do not like. Carrying SIX million people off to the charnel house is oppression. Having to put an electric range in your new house is not.

          You can take all the political action your heart desires. But you are not fighting “oppression.”

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          1. You are good at quoting things, but you lack understanding.

            Those 6 million died because people tolerated earlier abuses so long as they were not affected.

            The lesson to take from that is to protect the rights of others when there is nothing in it for us.

            So, I must stand up for the rights of gays to marry. The poor must stand up for the rights of the rich. Gays must stand up for the rights of parents. And parents must stand up for gun rights.

            If we don’t, our rights will be taken one by one until we have none.


          2. “You are good at quoting things, but you lack understanding.”

            I will match my understanding with yours every day of the week.

            IMAGINARY oppression is not a waypoint on the road to the Holocaust. Gun safety laws, indoor air standards in new construction, and government support of electric vehicles are not forms of oppression. Duh!

            As you worry about your beloved guns, you cheer as a new regime of real oppression is settling over the women of America. People actually aware of real oppression around us you ridicule as “woke.” And when tens of millions of people peacefully protest the very real oppression of non-White Americans, you demonize them. And you want to tell me that I lack understanding? Get over yourself.

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        2. I believe the problem with gas stoves is about the quality of air in homes, not so much what is added to the atmosphere. Since chronic health problems are a huge cost in both productivity and direct care costs, it is our national interest to at least address the problem.

          If we know there is a significant issue, then ignoring it is not very smart. So keep your stove, no need to change. No one is coming for it. That is propaganda by the right.

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          1. That is the excuse, not the reason.

            The movement against gas appliances is primarily financed by Steve Jobs widow, who is opposed to fossil fuel use in general, at least for the little people.


          2. “The movement against gas appliances is primarily financed by Steve Jobs widow, who is opposed to fossil fuel use in general,”…

            So you are against the idea of telling people that gas stoves can have a negative impact on their health. Yet you are OK with the whitewashing of history by politicians telling teachers what they can and cannot teach.

            Quite a disconnect.


          3. Telling people? Of course not. If you believe they are a health hazard, make your case in the public forum, and let others state their case. People can judge their own risk level when informed.

            My problem is dictating to people which risks they can accept and which will be unavailable.

            And I especially object to such measures on false pretenses. They also want fired central heat and water heating, which are externally vented. That is zero health risk.


          4. “That is the excuse, not the reason.”

            If there is “movement against gas appliances” going on it has managed to stay well-hidden. I had not heard of such a thing until you made this claim. The current brouhaha about gas stoves was almost 100% the creation of right wing trolls. And the fact is, indoor air is less healthy when gas is burned indoors. Whether an excuse or a reason, it is a real issue.

            I Googled to find out what your whine was about and I learned that Mrs. Jobs and other wealthy people have put together a major new organization – the Climate Imperative Foundation – to advocate for cleaner energy policies and to encourage the transition to an all-electric renewable energy future. Because of her involvement in this, Mrs. Jobs is constantly under attack by right wing trolls which you are now channeling with your snide “at least for the little people” comment.

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    3. Exactly. They live a sad life with nothing better to do than search 24/7 for ignorant stuff like this to knot up the panties.


      1. YEt the ignorants stuff that is searched for and added by Mr. ROberts is not the indication of a “sad life”? I propose it is YOU who lives the “sad life”. And your panties are wadded 24/7.

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          1. Panties still wadded I see.

            Ignorance, no matter where it comes from, is a problem. You peddle in it. You get called out for it and you start by CLIMING I am the the childish one. Sorry, Mr. Smith, but it is you who is being childish.


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