Misplaced GOP outrage…AGAIN!!!


Three mass shootings in two days, and Ted Cruz, et al, are raging about energy savings for video games.

8 thoughts on “Misplaced GOP outrage…AGAIN!!!

  1. No good deed goes unpunished by these lying liar, shithead Republicans. The gaming industry is huge and it is a no-brainer to reduce the energy requirements of the equipment where possible. Typically, their bullshit does not even make sense. Why would the seller of Xbox consoles be out to take away THEIR product? But not making sense is not a consideration when it comes to stirring up the anger of the MAGA base.

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  2. So the woke ones want to take your gas stove and your x-box?? Boo-f’ing-hoo! I mean it’s not like they want to take away your right to marry whoever you want or to have control over your own body. Only the comatose ones want to do that!

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  3. There is a Republic proposal in one of the red states, Missouri I believe, to require pregnant women to wear ankle bracelets until delivery. 🙄

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      1. I confess. I made that up, but the point was to show how ridiculous the echo chambers on the right get.
        That’s why I put the little eye roll emoji.

        You are the only person to even question the assertion. And that is scary. Our nation is heading to a queen’s tea party so what’s forward is really backward. And that is normal?

        But, what did you find from Kentucky?

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          1. There are some Republicans suggesting that better access to pre and post natal healthcare my be necessary since abortion is not an option in their states.

            As embarrassing as maternal and infant mortality is now in places like Mississippi, the fact that it could get worse is a bad “look”.

            And that is probably the reason. Not that healthcare for low income families is the right thing to do, but it might hurt the anti-abortion and its subsidiary anti-birth control ideologues.

            My opinion, of course.

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