BREAKING: Feds Find MORE Classified Documents at Joe Biden’s Home

Source: PJ Media.

Details are scarce, but clearly Stumble Joe is a man of treason.

Or maybe he is just a Sloppy Joe.

Not a good look for the most powerful man in the world. But then, maybe he isn’t that. Joe Biden might actually be the most embarrassing king the world has ever known.

37 thoughts on “BREAKING: Feds Find MORE Classified Documents at Joe Biden’s Home

  1. Kind of takes the wind out of the sails of the Trump mishandling classified material narrative. The idiot in chief has been hiding or lost classified material for over 7 years in his personal offices and home in unsecured closets next to his nasty slippers? Where is the liberal outrage? All I hear is excuses and crickets.


    1. Liberal outrage?

      How about we investigate both presidents to find out what is going on?

      Oh, we are.

      How about we get the FBI to spend 13 hours searching the Biden residence?

      We did.

      Seems fair and even handed.

      Now Trump can focus on his pending cases for rape, slander, election interference and extortion in Georgia and Arizona, tax evasion and bank fraud, and, of course, his 1/6 plotting and actions.

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      1. One big difference.

        The DOJ knew Biden had documents hidden away on Nov 2, but conspired with Biden to withhold that information until after the midterm elections had passed.

        The raid on Trump’s home was timed to affect the election.


        1. Speculation and wishful thinking?

          DOJ traditionally has tried to avoid affecting elections, except for Clinton, naturally.

          The August search was almost 3 months before the election. Hardly an October surprise.

          The Biden attorneys found the papers 1 day before the election. Any news would not even had a chance to be investigated. It would have a worse fiasco than a Clinton email announcement just days before the 2016 election.

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          1. The right wing worked the search day in and day out as victimization…standard practice.

            So perhaps it was in the news. But the blame lies with the right and Trump as far as dragging it out.

            MSM is dominated by the right if audience sizes matter, which they do, so blame them.

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          2. There is another difference. The documents Trump had were known to the archives but the ownership was disputed and under negotiation.

            No one knew what documents Biden had and if there were other copies.


          3. “There is another difference. . .”


            Archives knew of SOME of what Trump had carted off. Not all. And, lest we forget, Trump certified under penalty of perjury that ALL documents had been returned when they had not been. Would he have done that if the Archives knew every document in his possession? It was a tipster and not the archive that disclosed that there were more being held back.

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          4. The archives had the opportunity to view, and copy, all of the documents in the store room.

            The ownership of those documents was disputed and still is. All UNDISPUTED documents had been returned.


          5. “The archives had the opportunity to view, and copy, all of the documents in the store room.”

            Uh, no they did not. Boxes of documents were shuffled around and to this day we do not know what was stored where. The “dispute” you refer to is completely phony – manufactured after the fact to justify the theft.

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          6. You have evidence that boxes were shuffled?

            The dispute over ownership had been ongoing for a long time before the raid. People from the archives had been there in February and again in June, when they requested, and got, a better lock.

            That is not ‘after-the-fact.’

            BTW, in particular to the Obama letter at least, Trump is right. The Archives are due a copy, but the original is a personal communication between Obama and Trump.


          7. And disputed documents were shuffled around to hide them from the Archives when they came to look. Negotiations are another word for “delay”. And those who travel in the Trump orbit are good at it. His lawyers have been told for years to attempt to run the clock out on several instances. Same thing occurred here. But the lawyers got caught in their lies.

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          8. Does that establish that the Archives did not have the opportunity to examine those records? They had full access for 18 months.

            They CHOSE to raid the property while negotiations were ongoing.


          9. “They had full access for 18 months.”

            If that were true, then the search warrant would not have been needed.

            You keep repeating the same lie over and over. It does NOT make it true.

            “They CHOSE to raid the property while negotiations were ongoing.”

            And why should negotiations over this take 18 months? Biden’s attorneys have been turning material over as soon as discovered. AND they INVITED the FBI to search the premises.

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          10. The raid was not needed.

            If the originals of the documents were wanted by the Archive, there were remedies through the courts.

            If the Archives could not be bothered to examine, and copy, the documents in place, whose fault is that?


          11. The courts should not have been needed. The Archives can’t enamine what they are not given.

            Documents were withheld by Trump. The lawyers claimed ALL had been returned, when in fact they had not. You continue to ignore that little tidbit of non-fiction.


          12. Under negotiation? Are you serious?

            Imploring, begging, pleading to return documents is hardly negotiating.

            Regardless, we need to tighten security around the handling of state secrets. Just being president does not qualify one for slapdash document storage.

            The presidency is not a monarchy. It is a temp job for 4 years, and if done well, another 4. State secrets are there before and after every office holder who may access them as needed, but they should never be lost, misplaced or just taken as souvenirs.

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          13. Again, those claims of ownership have not yet been adjudicated.

            On some, Trump is probably wrong, and on others most certainly right. On most, Trump is entitled to copies and on others, he owns the original but the archives are due copies.


          14. And it took subpoenas and a search warrant to access documents for a special master that Trump personally picked to separate. Add in signed papers that certified delivery of all documents, except more came later.

            I would say Trump was given a huge amount of deference and leeway until it was obvious he didn’t care to cooperate.

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          15. Where was Trump on the ballot? He was, at the time, a private citizen, who was being investigated for potential crimes committed AFTER he left office. (We could go into the crimes committed while IN office, but Georgia and New York are handling the lion’s share of that. DOJ will chime in once they have completed their investigation into Jan 6th and the lead up.)

            If Trump were up for election, at the time, then I could see where the DOJ violated THEIR rules. (Which YOU had no issue with in 2016, but I digress). BUt for the continuing cacophony of BUTTS from Trump loving individuals, this would just be news and not some great civil undoing of the republic. (DeSantis is working ion that himself).

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          16. I would say that if the Republican candidates reveled in election denial to appease Trump, then running against the candidate is de facto running against the ex-president.

            And, as we know, there were a boatload of deniers.

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          17. “Was there a day between the raid and the election that it was not in the news?”

            Probably not.

            But, that there was a raid at all was totally Trump’s doing. As a reminder, the raid was on August 8th. Not in September. Not in October. Not the first week of November. Your accusation that it was somehow politically timed and motivated is, to put it politely, horse shit.

            And then, of course, it is not obvious that the raid hurt Republicans in November. Trump certainly raised many millions off it and the “base” was highly motivated by it.

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          18. “They CHOSE to raid the property while negotiations were ongoing”

            The raid occurred AFTER Trump had certified FALSELY that all the classified material had been turned over. The raid was required because evidence was received showing that he STILL held material that should have been delivered. And that evidence proved to be correct. He DID still hold classified materials that he had denied having. All that is in the public record but you stick to the nonsense that the so-called negotiations were still going on when the raid occurred.

            This is a typical exchange with you – obviously false, bald-faced lies glibly delivered.

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        2. “The DOJ knew Biden . . .”

          Kind of like how the DOJ knew that the Trump campaign was under investigation and conspired with Obama to keep that secret until after the 2016 election? Uh, that would be yes because it is DOJ policy to keep mum about ongoing investigations that would affect elections.

          “The raid on Trump’s home was timed to affect the election.”
          That, of course, is bullshit. Trump caused the timing of the raid and his behavior vis a vis classified documents was already in the public record.

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        3. “One big difference.”

          You want “big difference”. OK let’s run through this, AGAIN, because it seems your memory has faded.

          NARA requested for several months documents that they KNEW Trump had in his possession. When Biden’s documents were discovered, they were handed over IMMEDIATELY, with no legal wrangling or LYING to the courts to return them.

          A search warrant HAD to be secured through the courts in order to retrieve documents from MAL. The FBI was granted access to Biden properties and sites to search for and retrieve any documents discovered in the course of the search.

          Trump’s lawyers LIED to the courts when they filed the affidavit saying that all classified documents had been returned, when in fact they hadn’t. Biden lawyers have been cooperating from the beginning of the discovery of the documents. And continue to do so to this day.

          DOJ rules PROTECTED Trump in 2016 when it was not disclosed that an investigation was taking place into ties to Russia and the Trump campaign. They BROKE that inhouse rule when Comey announced the reopening of investigation Hillary’s emails. (Which proved to be a nothing burger, but POSSIBLY cost Hillary the election.). THey followed the exact same rule wrt to documents and Biden.

          I know that facts like these tend to be pushed aside by you and the other Trumpers (And please do not tell me how much you dislike Trump. YOur words say one thing… and then another) on this forum. But facts is facs, inconvenient as some of them may be.

          Did Biden screw the pooch on documents? Absolutely. Let the special counsel assigned do his job and determine what where who and why. But let us not forget that a special counsel has also been assigned to investigate the Trump documents. (Even though there is a LOT more there there). Instead of ranting about unfair or preferential treatment, focus on the actual DIFFERENCES in two similar cases.

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  2. We have known for some time that Joe Biden is a gaffe machine. But this is a bridge too far. There is no good explanation for his apparent mishandling of classified materials. Personally, I am extremely disappointed in such stupidity.

    The DOJ has done the right thing in appointing a special prosecutor to pursue the investigation and whatever criminal sanctions the law requires. No one is above the law. Not Donald Trump and not Joseph Biden.

    People talk about the differences compared to Trump. One obvious difference is the support for the rule of law from Democrats versus the howls of outrage from MAGA-Republicans. That difference could not be more stark. We Democrats are not a personality cult.

    Finally, I note that with half his term now having gone by his successor, should he resign rather than drag out this distraction, would be eligible for re-election twice.

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