A Global warming believer puts Woke Climate activism in perspective.

Konstatine Kisin at Oxford debate

Even if you believe CO2 controls the climate, reality and compassion rule. Comedian Konstatine Kisin deflates Woke Climate alarmism as only British humor can.

14 thoughts on “A Global warming believer puts Woke Climate activism in perspective.

    1. To a minor degree, yes, but it is self-limiting.

      Which is a good thing as no matter what we do, CO2 level will continue to rise as China, India and Africa continue to develop their economies using coal.


      1. “To a minor degree, yes, but it is self-limiting.”
        That is the fossil fuel think tank view but it is not the consensus of climate science. For example,


        And even if the level of CO2 BY ITSELF turns out to be a “minor” issue, the various knock-on effects are possibly catastrophic. For example, how much carbon currently trapped in frozen tundra is going to be released as the climate warms? How bad will THAT be? The answers are not known, but the threat is real. Then there is accelerating acidification of the oceans from increased CO2 levels. Dead oceans means a dead planet.

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          1. Sure, there have been wide variations in the climate, atmosphere and oceans over geologic time. Some of those conditions – should they recur – would be catastrophic. A mile of ice over Manhattan would be hard to adjust to.

            That Wattsupwiththat article seems focused on some very narrow studies on very particular environments and fish. Maybe I have been mislead but I believe the global situation and trends in the ocean ecosystems are bad.

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          2. Nearly all of the published articles on acidification are from that one source.

            I agree that global cooling, like the Little Ice Age, would be catastrophic, but that climate seems to be the target the alarmists want us to return to.


  1. I guess you missed his concluding point about the one thing that rich countries can do – significant investments in developing better energy technology – something that Democrats have been advocating and you have been opposing.

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    1. You did hear reliable and cheap energy in that statement too, right? Reliable snd cheap is surely here with nuclear but new sources of such have yet to be discovered hence the call to stop complaining, protesting and throwing soup on art but join the hunt for real solutions. Wind and solar is neither cheap or reliable but only a pipe dream.


  2. Serendipity strikes.

    This is the next video in the lineup as it popped up after watching your link.

    Long, but fascinating. tribalism, hierarchies, political correctness and other topics.

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      1. I thought his comments about hate speech were both relevant and interesting. Unless I missed it, I think the era of social media puts a different context to the more ideal defense of all speech by him.

        He talks about the inability to define it well enough to regulate, barring incitement or libel. Yet he did not address anonymity. That is the key difference between soapbox debates, print and broadcast media versus the anonymous and isolating nature of social media.

        I have posited this problem before and still think technology has outpaced our very human inability to deal with it.

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          1. “Freedom ain’t free!”

            Neither is free speech. There is a cost, the question is how much and what are we willing to pay.

            For example, who is going to pay for Ruby Freeman’s loss of freedom from Trump’s accusations that she committed election fraud as a poll worker. And he repeated this just the other day, only this time as a civilian.

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