Voter Suppression in Wisconsin

It happened. And one of the architects of the idea admitted it. IN WRITING.

12 thoughts on “Voter Suppression in Wisconsin

    1. Not it’s NOT a joke. It is very real and documented. Didn’t read the comments by the GOP representative in Wisconsin, did you?

      And yes, fewer Blacks and Hispanics voted for Democrats. This is talking about voting numbers PERIOD.

      And there WAS suppression. Look at the comments.


  1. Persuading people that their candidate is not worth voting for is not suppressing the vote.

    Ideally, you would want to persuade traditionally Democrat voters to vote for a Republican instead, but if they just won’t vote Republican then persuading them to stay home is half as good.

    It’s nothing new, Trump lost the House in 2018 not because there was an overwhelming Democrat vote but because many disenchanted Republicans didn’t show up.


  2. “…we can be especially proud of the City of Milwaukee (80.2% Dem Vote) casting 37,000 less votes than cast in the 2018 election with the major reduction happening in the overwhelming Black and Hispanic areas.”

    WTF, saying that low voter turnout by any constituency, left or right, is a bragging point is kind of sad. If your message is so crappy that hoping people are apathetic is, well, just pathetic.

    Of course more than a few Republicans, including a president, have said until they dampen voter turnout, effectively, Republicans won’t ever win office.

    Democrats are the majority party and if Republicans want that status they need to find a message beyond the 2020 election, state owned uteruses and QAnon.


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  3. What a bunch of baloney. Negative campaign ads are common fodder in elections. Extremely annoying but nothing related to some phony suppression claim. Did you happen to notice that more blacks are running as Republicans these days? Typical left wing nonsense claims that aren’t even remotely supported by what was “written”. Get off the drugs…


      1. OK YOU give me just one example of voter suppression in this story. There isn’t any, only a figment of your woke imagination. What was written didn’t amount to squat.


        1. Sykes is an OD SCHOOL Conservative who did not buy into the Trump-y world the “mainstream” GOP ate hook line and sinker.

          Just because someone appears on MSNBC does not mean they are “babbling trolls”. (You actually are, so maybe you are the expert on that topic). ANy more than Donna Brazille working for Fox news made here a drooling Trumpist.


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