Scientific American ceases to be a credible source

Damar Hamlin’s heart attack was racist

“Woke Mind Virus” at Scientific American has been fully exposed. It has been pretty obvious for some time in SA’s reporting on climate, but this removes all doubt. Conformity to Critical Race Theory and political correctness has displaced reason at SA.

24 thoughts on “Scientific American ceases to be a credible source

    1. Where is it wrong?

      Are Blacks being kidnapped and forced into slavery by the NFL? Or do they, with full knowledge of the risk of injury, dedicate themselves to competing for those positions?

      Yes, it is an opinion piece, but it is an idiotic opinion and only a Woke editorial board would consider it for publication.

      What next? Horoscopes for celebrities in the Astronomy sections?


        1. There are risks in all professions. Some. like commercial fishing, are far more risky than football. No one is forced to choose those professions, Individuals balance risk and reward.

          If Black men decide freely that the risks of football are not justified by a million dollar salary for a part time job, they can apply their talents elsewhere. I am sure there are plenty of White athletes who will gladly take their place.


      1. So you say, your opinion.

        Just like the look from outside the bubble at race and sports.

        Despite efforts, race is still an issue in our country. Agree or disagree as to historical causes and varied opinions for resolution, the issue remains.

        Unlike QAnon, the issues are real and ignoring them is not helpful.

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  1. RE: “‘Woke Mind Virus’ at Scientific American has been fully exposed.”

    Yes, it has.

    Were I the editor at Scientific American I would have rejected the article for publication solely on the basis of one statement it contains: “But Black players are disproportionately affected.”

    Disproportionate conditions are common in nature, but they are rarely meaningful. In fact, the scientific method itself exists to help separate meaningful disparities from meaningless ones. A publication that serves to promote scientific thought should be especially skeptical of any claim that a disproportionate condition is meaningful.

    But it gets worse. The author doesn’t even show that the disproportionate condition is real. The claim is supported by links to correlational studies that appear to document racial patterns in professional sports, but even if the patterns are real, their causative basis remains to be established.

    I might be willing to give Scientific American a pass because the author is an anthropologist, and anthropology is a legitimate science. Surely, the opinions of a legitimate anthropologist deserves to be heard.

    But no. It is unworthy of a scientific mind to indulge in such fallacies.


  2. Oh the woes, trials and tribulations of the black man at the hands of the racist NFL. Hamlin so far doesn’t appear to be a “victim of NFL violence” but a victim of nature. Everyone truly wishes him a full and speedy recovery. He is officially on IR but Buffulo made special arrangements with the NFL to pay him his full salary of a $3.64 million salary instead of reduced IR salary like everyone else. Needless to say some feathers, both black and white, are severely ruffled. You do it for one, you must do for all or is the NFL racist against white IR players?


      1. “What really irks me . . .”
        What I find funny is how hard you people work to seek out stories to get irked about.

        And, BTW, the article was not a criticism of the NFL so much as an observational piece about the reality of our country. And since you missed it, the reality is that gifted young black men have fewer opportunities than gifted young white men and THAT is why 67% of NFL players are black and why – in pursuit of a chance in “one of the few remaining meritocracies” – they disproportionately suffer the violence of football at every level while trying to find their way there. Reality is so irksome!

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        1. What a contradiction. First you claim “gifted” young black men have fewer opportunities than “gifted” young white men but then say the young black men secured almost 70% of very high paying NFL positions. Care to look up the percentage of blacks in very high paying “violent” basketball positions compared to whites too? How about 71%? People enter sports because that IS their gift but blacks have a vast majority of those very lucrative jobs according to YOU. Now THAT is racist against whites. Oh those poor black millionaires and I thought you hated those pathetic rich millionaires.


        2. No, lack of other opportunities is not why 67% of NFL players are Black, it is because they are disproportionately better athletes on those qualities that make good football players.

          There are lots of White athletes who would gladly take their place, they just aren’t as good at it.


          1. “. . . they just aren’t as good at it.”

            Or they have better things to do with their lives than subject their bodies to the brutality, hardships, and damage that football requires.

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  3. Apparently Paul doesn’t understand that athletic young black people spend their entire youth preparing themselves to enter “violent” professional sports and succeed more than white athletes. Its what they voluntarily strive to achieve. Oh the pity being young black millionaires.


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