An Incentive?

ALMOST reason enough to go along with the plan. Throw in Roy, Boebert, and Good and I would say go for it.

14 thoughts on “An Incentive?

  1. Pretty sure that’s not the threat he thinks it is. Unfortunately, Matt Gaetz isn’t known for keeping promises. He won’t leave until the DOJ frog walks him out in handcuffs.

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    1. Yeah, democracy works so much better when a rabid minority of a dysfunctional minority party get to run things.

      I think it is extremely likely that the continued dysfunction, abuse of authority, ugliness, and overreach we are about to witness from the House will be the final nail in the coffin of the once Grand Old Party. Too bad. Standing up to these goons was their last chance for redemption.

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        1. How is demanding transparency and decentralization of power ‘goonish?’

          I do not accept your characterization of what these goons are doing. What they are demanding is excessive power for themselves – a minority of a minority. Why do you suppose that they were resisted for 15 votes if their motives were even remotely close to what you are saying. Is the bulk of the GOP caucus “corrupt” like everybody else?

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          1. “I see so what they actually did is unimportant . . .”

            As usual, when you have no good answer out comes this horseshit.

            What has actually happened is a small clique of government-hating jackasses now have the power to throw a monkey wrench into each and every piece of legislation that comes along.

            What is worse, with their now exaggerated powers and prerogatives they are almost certain to hold the nation hostage over the next pro forma debt ceiling increase that will be required to preserve the full faith and credit of the United States.

            So, what they did IS important. I know you think giving such people the power to destroy this country would be fine and dandy. I disagree.

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          2. Our bloated, intrusive and corrupt government is NOT our country.

            Restoring our government to its proper role is the best thing we can do for the country.


          3. “Our bloated, intrusive and corrupt government is NOT our country.”

            Over-the-top government-hating hyperbole. It seems that you got what you want from this process. Bomb-throwing jackassess free to throw bombs. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

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          4. “As expected . . .”

            Uh, no I have not. But unlike you apparently, I understand that the harm these fools would do to the government will harm our country and the people in it. Bigly.


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