14 thoughts on “A little good news . . .

    1. Funny, I do not subscribe to Bloomberg (that I know of) and it is not paywalled for me. Anyway the gist is that relations between US and China are warming.

      “New Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang offered effusive praise of Americans after stepping down as his nation’s top envoy to Washington, signaling that ties between the world’s biggest economies appear to be warming despite recent tensions over Taiwan.”

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  1. This guy knows liberals are gullible as he inserts the knife in our backside through China favored trade policies. Who cares what some Chinese envoy says? Hilter, Iran, North Korea, etc have all used that same line too. Actions, not lame feel good hugs, kisses and empty comment, speak much louder…I have no reason to believe him, sorry.


      1. When it comes to the lesser of two evils, one votes against instead of for. Hillary and Joe were and still are definitely worth a vote against and those that voted for them are extremely gullible. Our country is in chaos because of Biden the idiot in chief.


        1. ” Our country is in chaos because of Biden”…

          Really? Is it because Biden kicked little Donnie’s ASS in the election? That is the cause of the chaos? That is the most idiotic form of blaming in the history of blaming. I bet you think Biden killed Kennedy too?

          Infrastructure bill PASSED, in a Bipartisan manner. Inflation is actually coming down UNDER Biden’s watch. Drug prices for seniors are coming down, under Biden’s leadership. AMERCIAN manufacturing is on the upswing BECAUSE of Biden.

          Previously, a bipartisan immigration reform bill was presented to Trump, who said he would agree to it, but then decided that border chaos is a winner for him so he turned it down. I lost count of how many Infrastructure weeks we were told about for four years with NOTHING coming of it. And let’s not forget the EVIDENCE that shows Mr. Trump being the “tip of the spear” for the riot at the Capitol.

          Yeah, Biden is responsible for the chaos. But only in your thin-skinned little head.


          1. Fantasy is not reality. Biden hasn’t done squat but create a country in chaos. Border chaos, hyp er inflation, punk world standing, Chinese punk, North Korean punk, Russian punk, green idiot, real jobs killer, claims responsibility for which he had zero claim to, con artist, typical bumbling idiot, etc. Yep, great for gullible liberals.


          2. Fantasy is not reality. The problem is what you THINK is fantasy is the reality. Therefore, your reality is NOT REAL.

            …”claims responsibility for which he had zero claim to, con artist, typical bumbling idiot,”

            Yerp, that pretty much describes TRUMP, you blind moron.

            You prove not only your gullibility, but your ignorance, with this comment. Go back and see what has actually been passed and signed into law in the last 2 years. And then go back and see what was accomplished in the preceding four years. Start with infrastructure. And don’t forget immigration was presented to Mr. Trump, and he turned away the BIPARTISAN bill.

            Reality bites for you who lives on Fantasy Island.

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        2. If the inability to even pick a Speaker is any indication of chaos, I think the Republicans have created most of this mess.

          Without a Speaker, the new Congress cannot govern or even swear in the new folks.

          Unemployment is still low. Median family income is in the 70K range. Much need infrastructure improvements are in progress. Inflation is easing and gas prices have come down. Immigration, not addressed in decades is still a problem of course. But Republicans have punted this as well as anyone.

          Democrats are just watching the circular firing squad and waiting patiently for the GOP to get their act together and pretend to be legislators.

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          1. “Democrats are just watching the circular firing squad”…

            Not just Democrats, but GOP Senators. And one of them used that same phrase.

            ““The unsteadiness I see over there [in the House] concerns me. We get the majority, and then we start a circular firing squad,” said Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.)”…

            From Politico.


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