GOP 2023

Even Tulsi Gabbards takes issue with Rep. (Elect) Santos and his “embellishments”. Not too mention he thinks any explanation concerning his (lack of) employment at Goldman-Sachs “would go way above the American peoples’ heads”. Potential translation of that statement: “The voters are too stupid”.

If Mr. Santos were a Democrat, the GOP would be screaming from the top of the Capitol Dome for his head, a new election, and for him not to be seated.

GOP 2023: Crickets!

Last week, MTG called out her fellow GOP members who are NOT supporting McCarthy for the Speakership because they “lied to the base” about a consensus in the caucus. This week, she is defending Santos, saying he seems sincere.

I’ll leave it to the rest of you to decide what is right. To start.

10 thoughts on “GOP 2023

    1. …”he is no more a liar than Schiff,”

      You old boogeyman brought back from the dead?

      Can you cite any lies Schiff told his constituents and voters concerning his background? Can you show where he claimed to be Jewish, but now claims to be “Jew-ish”? Did he claim to be a homosexual while actually married to a woman?

      Mr. Santos completely misrepresented himself to the voters of NY03. But he’s in the GOP, so it’s just fine by you. (And spineless Kevin, who DESPERATELY needs his vote for the speakership.)

      ALL politicians lie. You really need better material.


        1. “Schiff is not a liar. You are.”

          Your defense of your slander is an opinion piece from a right-wing ideologue three years ago accusing Schiff of lying about Trump-Russia collusion. I could not make this up if I tried. Schiff did NOT lie about Trump-Russia collusion and that was amply demonstrated with chapter and verse in the Mueller report.

          You, on the other hand, offer falsehoods in this forum on a regular basis. Calling Schiff a liar is just one more.

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          1. Odd, Mueller found no collusion between Russia and any US citizen

            Yet Schiff repeatedly claimed to have seen evidence of direct involvement by Trump knowing full well no such evidence existed.


          2. “Odd, Mueller found no collusion between Russia and any US citizen”

            Collusion is not a legal term. Mueller found and documented PLENTY of cooperation between Russia and Trump’s campaign. Including several United States citizens.
            Here is just one summary but I am sure you would rather keep lying about what Mueller found rather than have the facts.


            You do not know what Schiff saw and did not see. A lot of the evidence he saw may have never seen the light of day because of concern about sources and methods. Besides, Trump was in charge of Trump’s campaign and it colluded extensively with Putin’s agents.

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  1. This clsoing line from a Salon piece by Amanda Marcotte sums things up pretty well:

    ” When Santos is sworn in on Capitol Hill next week, it will send a Bat-signal across the land: Come hither, crooks and swindlers, con artists and hustlers all. You have a home with us, where you’ll be free to cheat whoever you like and break any law. The base will forgive you pretty much anything, except being a Democrat. ”

    Sounds like Don, doesn’t it?

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