5 thoughts on “Honesty is the Best Policy

    1. If they were merely wrong, they will not lose in court. There has been extensive discovery and depositions from the bottom up to see if they were just wrong. It is very likely that such utter nonsense that they pushed about Dominion was known to them to be false.

      Funny how you people want everyone to be held to account except for the ones who carry water for Dear Leader.

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        1. And that standard is…? And who will be the judge?

          The answer, I believe, is the marketplace. There is your standard. You can be the National Enquirer and buy rights to a scandal, then sit on it if it affects your political pals. You can be NewsCorp and blatantly lie to support your candidates. You can be NYT and get most things right most of the time.

          (Oops, do you see a bias in my post? Gosh, how did that happen?)

          The marketplace will sort out the media among those who are looking for accuracy, confirmation bias, or just the fishing reports.

          Now if you are wondering about liabilities, then we have laws with a very high bar.

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