29 thoughts on “Classy!

  1. Trump ignored Whelan from the time he was arrested in 2018. So now he is referred to as former Marine (Ret). He was “retired” alright. After a short stint he received a Bad Conduct Discharge by a courts martial conviction for larceny and other violations.

    And the right is castigating Griner for protesting peacefully during a time of social turmoil.

    The current GOP is a swamp of screwballs and ne’r do wells who think they can say outrageous stuff because, well, “He” did it and squeaked an election in 2016. Of course, his Midas touch never was more than cheap gold colored paint and showed his propensity for losing, himself as well as party power.

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    1. “You seriously think that putting Bout back to work for Russia and Al Qaida was a good deal for getting Griner back?”


      I take it you don’t. That wouldn’t be because you are a kneejerk, doctrinaire partisan who can see no good in anything that President Biden does?

      Please share, what threat does this fellow who has been in prison since 2011 pose now?

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  2. Viktor Bout was scheduled to be released in 2029. Brittney Grinder was sentenced to 16 years. Viktor has so many enemies on the outside, he was probably safer in prison. I think things will work out just fine for both of them.

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  3. Strange, first I’ve heard of Trump Jr being a presidential candidate. I guess his 1st amendment “hate speech” is the polar opposite of your side’s “hate speach”. Every action has an equal but opposite reaction. We in the middle just shake our heads.


    1. “Strange, first I’ve heard of Trump Jr being a presidential candidate”

      Dr. Tabor has – in the past – predicted an ongoing Trump dynasty with future President Don, Jr. and future President Ivanka.

      “We in the middle?”
      Milk-out-the-nose funny!

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          1. Never said anything like that. I just mentioned that you appear to be talking to YOURSELF. If the voices are still there, but them a drink and enjoy the conversation. At least you know they will agree with you.

            And it is YOU appear to be stuck in your kindergarten thoughts.


        1. As a matter of fact, almost all of my policy preferences and values are mainstream, middle of the road. I am a Democrat. There is nothing “extremist” about me. You people are so lost in your alternative reality that you do not know up from down, much less left from right.

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          1. All of the Trump babble is mainstream?? Now THAT is milk through the nose funny. Keep trying to heal.


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