20 thoughts on “I wonder why President Biden waited until after the election to lower the price of gas.

  1. I find this sentence to be kind of interesting:

    “ Further fueling Monday’s decline, Saudi Arabia and other key oil-producing nations are reportedly discussing a deal to boost oil production.”

    The plan a few weeks ago was to cut production to boost prices, and boost Republicans presumably, while giving us the finger.


    Won’t this cut into Russia’s income from oil also? Perhaps time to turn on the natural gas again.

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    1. I guess my irony was too subtle for you. The point was that market forces – not the President – control gasoline prices.

      As I read it, MBS could have been denied “head of state” immunity based on the technicality that his father is the king – not him. In my opinion, he should have been denied such protection. The courts are not obliged to accept the Executive’s determination on this point, but they always have. Disappointing but if it ends up hurting Russia, then it may have been a sound decision.

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        1. The serious answer to your question is because our energy policy has been based on propping up friendly tyrannies in oil producing countries. It still is. Because we have failed to go all in on renewable energy.

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          1. Why should we prop up the House of Saud?

            Whoever has control there is going to sell the oil. The world might well have been a better place if we had let Sadaam conquer the Kngdom.


          2. This country has been doing it for decades. NOW it’s a problem?

            I don’t like it, but your timing of discord is the usual it is bad when the Dens do it and good when the GOP dies it.

            Do you recall your orange-haired hero sucking up to Saudi Arabians early in his term? Apparently not. More consistency on your part.


          3. If you go back you will see I was critical of Trump’s and the Bush’s ties with the Saudi’s

            My consistent policy towards Saudi Arabia has always been to kill all the men, rescue the women, and turn the oil reserves over to someone responsible like Israel


          4. “Why should we prop up the House of Saud?”

            You tell me, but that is exactly what we have been doing for decades. While making an enemy of the most progressive people in the Muslim world – the Iranians.

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      1. The market controls gasoline prices UNLESS private or government force interferes in that market.

        Petroleum is not generally stored in large quantities, it is sold as it is produced. As a result, a small restriction in production can cause wide fluctuations in price.

        OPEC can cause such fluctuations at will if the US is not free to produce enough to fill in the gaps. Currently, in the US, if a new well is brought in, it can take a year or more to get permits for a pipeline to exploit is. Under those conditions, the market cannot resond appropriately.


        1. Whatever your “analysis” President Biden is not responsible for the price of gas. Not when it goes up and not when it goes down. And yet, that was the “issue” that your moribund party thought they could win on.

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          1. You do understand what marginal supply is, right?

            Even a 5% swing in supply can send prices up or down. Biden’s hostility to oil has certainly depressed and delayed US supplies more that that.


          2. Your beloved market controls gas prices. your beloved market does as it pleases. Crude closed BELOW $80/bbl the other day. And the oil companies will still show MASSIVE profits, while we are still paying well over $3/gal.

            Your market, not Biden’s.Your blame game BS is tiresome, but will be challenged every time you spew it.


          3. Why read the same BS over andover?

            It is you who claims how great the market is and when it goes against consumers, you find ways to say “It isn’t really the market.” Your goalposts move regularly based on who is sitting in the Oval Office.

            To misquote radio reports of the Hindenburg disaster, “Oh, the hypocrisy.”


          4. “You do understand what marginal supply is, right?”

            So, at least 5% of the U.S. supply of gasoline was missing because of President Biden’s “hostility.” Oh my! You have a huge amount of interesting “facts” waiting to be pulled out of your ass. But, I wonder, how did President Biden get that supply back so quickly?

            With all due respect, your “analyses” get dopier and dopier when you try to prove things that are not true. In this case that President Biden in particular or environmental policy in general are driving the ups and downs of gasoline prices.

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