If You Think The United States Is Ready For A Conventional War With Russia or China, Think Again

Source: A Son of the New American Revolution.

The writer responds to a just-released GAO report on U.S. military readiness. He says he doesn’t want to be a “Debbie Downer,” but he’s a Debbie Downer.

A lot of western propaganda claims that Russia, in particular, has a weak military. I am unable to find any substantive reports to support that proposition, but it is perhaps more enlightening to contemplate Russia’s alleged military weakness in terms of our own.

As for China, who knows?

11 thoughts on “If You Think The United States Is Ready For A Conventional War With Russia or China, Think Again

    1. RE: “US weapons alone, with no US military involved, beat the crap out of Russia.”

      That’s ridiculous. Ukraine once had the largest U.S.-armed military in Europe. That military now is almost completely wiped out.

      More significantly, the Ukrainian army never gained one inch of territory that the Russian army defended. All of its territorial gains have been the result of Russian retreats.


      1. Why does one retreat? They can’t hold or don’t want to hold the territory any longer. I find it amusing that you refer to Russian withdrawals from areas they previously controlled to be GOOD for them. A retreating army, unless it has been negotiated, is a LOSING army. Period. They are getting pushed out be patriots fighting for their homeland.


      2. Your attempted spin on what it means to gain territory is absolutely childish.

        Really, what in the world is wrong with you? Is it so hard to accept the truth that even people in Russia now accept – the Ukrainian military has pushed Russia back from positions it once held. It does not matter if Ukraine killed every last defender or they all ran away rather than fight, the result is the same. Ukraine has gained territory Russia once held.


  1. “All of its territorial gains have been the result of Russian retreats.”

    The Russians were defending many cities and towns. They retreated because they were losing men and equipment badly. So badly, that in many instances they left dead soldiers, ammunition, and hardware behind.

    So much matériel that Russia has effectively become a big supplier for Ukraine.

    The almost “completely wiped out” Ukraine military is certainly a formidable match for Russian soldiers.

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    1. RE: “They retreated because they were losing men and equipment badly.”

      That’s debatable. Russia’s retreat from Kharkiv had many causes, the most important being that it had captured more territory than it could defend with the force structure it had deployed. In effect, Ukraine suffered huge territorial losses, which Russia then surrendered back to them.

      Once Russia withdrew to the Donbas, it established a defensive line which Ukraine has been unable to penetrate for more than six weeks, despite daily attempts. Now, Russia’s newly mobilized forces are beginning to show up on the battlefield, and Russia is taking territory again.

      You and I are in no position to say who is “winning” the war in Ukraine, but it is clear that Ukraine’s ability to fight is degrading every day, whereas Russia’s ability to fight is improving every day.


        1. I present my beliefs honestly, and in this case supported by facts. For example, it is a fact that the Ukrainian army hit a brick wall in Donbas..


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