12 thoughts on ““Russia Hoax” Day in Court

    1. Wait for the Durham report?

      Incompetent attorneys defrauding Trump? Come on, this is a man who prides himself on judicial jujitsu with the best money can buy. Now, if you are correct, then why on earth can’t he get competent legal representation. He certainly has the money with the 10’s of millions donated by his supporters for just this reason.

      At some point, reasonable people will accept that fact that there is nothing there regarding the “hoax”. If there were, it would have been in the lawsuit and not in a convoluted 200 page political screed.

      Yes, there is some evidence that people in the DOJ did not like Trump. But that covers well over half the country as well. And people still do work, play and raise families despite their personal feelings about him.

      And, as we now are finding out, the man behind the curtain of bluster, outrage and hatred is pretty much a has been for the electorate too. Unfortunately for Trump, this will make the choices of indictment for all his crimes, and there were serious crimes, less debatable since his “fear factor” of major “problems like this country has never seen” will be found to be a paper tiger.

      If I were advising Trump, not likely of course, I would suggest he settle his tax issues, accept responsibility for election law transgressions (felonies) for interfering in GA…and MI, AZ, WI and who know where else. Plea bargain for his stolen papers.

      Then he could retire to his golf and wedding crashing and stay out of prison perhaps.

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      1. I think Trump has let his narcissism take over completely and except for a very few, the GOP has put him in the rear mirror.

        He did come to office in 2016 with the country first, but he has descended into score settling and paranoia.

        It’s time for him to fade away, but he won’t. The 2024 primaries are going to be interesting.


      2. RE: “the GOP has put him in the rear mirror.”

        The Democrats haven’t put Trump in the rear mirror. We see this in the Forum postings.


        1. “We see this in the Forum postings.”

          A miner does not leave a productive vein when there is still gold to be gathered. Your party is not trying to put Trump in the rearview mirror out of decency, patriotism or respect for the rule of law. It is doing so ONLY because he is a loser.

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    2. “This establishes the attorneys involved in this suit are incompetent, and probably defrauded Trump, but it does not rule on the merit of the Russia Hoax.”

      Uh, sure. But why use phony and already debunked evidence in court if there were any real evidence?

      I am not a lawyer, but from what I have read, the fraud you refer to may have been in taking on the case in the first place. It was panned as preposterous from the day it was filed by people who do know the law.

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      1. I think the lawyers saw that Trump would pay for anything that he thought supported him and bought garbage.

        He should shut up and let Durham do the talking. But he won’t.


  1. “He should shut up and let Durham do the talking. But he won’t.”

    That would be best but what – for some reason – you still do not understand, Durham has almost nothing left to say that he hasn’t already said in court.

    Predictions are hard, especially about the future, but I predict one final nothingburger. The FBI was doing its job trying to protect us from Russian interference. That cannot be spun into something that you will want to hear. So, my advice, prepare yourself for one more and hopefully final let down from Mr. Durham.

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  2. I was a bit taken back by the title of this thread and what it truly was sbout. The “Russian Hoax” that Trump and Russia colluded in the election is still and always will ne a hoax. That the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid FusionGPS for the phony Steele dossier which claimed otherwise, which was a hoax, is not a hoax. I have no idea what these lawyers presented but apparently they didnt do well with facts and faced a left wing judge. In any case, it’s on appeal as it should be. Even the FEC fined Clinton and the DNC for this political nonsense. It’s time to move forward from the settled chain of events.


  3. Funny.

    “… they didn’t do well with facts and faced a left wing judge.”

    You mean had they faced a Trump appointee, facts would mean nothing.

    Makes sense.

    Except for that twit who presided over the special master fiasco, even Trump judges couldn’t swallow the election cases he and his crack team of Giuliani & Powell.

    So I guess crappy attorneys is it. Or possibly great attorneys who pocketed Trump donor money in return for a slap on the wrist.

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