Will Biden Gamble on a Ukraine Coalition?

Source: The American Conservative.

Some days all you can do is shake your head in wonder. It seems almost impossible to me that our political leadership might be contemplating sending an army to fight in Ukraine, but the signs are mounting.

We already have boots on the ground in the battlefield — allegedly inventory takers attempting to account for weapons and stores previously delivered. We also have boots near the ground in Romania — avowedly ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. And we have an increasingly bellicose-sounding commander in chief whose grip on reality is just loose enough to give the order.

Worse, the American people probably don’t know that the Ukrainian government and military are close to final collapse. To save them will be like saving a car after it has been totaled.

2 thoughts on “Will Biden Gamble on a Ukraine Coalition?

  1. Foreign wars are historically useful tools for suppressing domestic dissent.

    But it is almost too late for next Tuesday and by 2024 the opportunity will have passed.

    Could it just be intended to suppress dissent in Congress?


    1. RE: “Could it just be intended to suppress dissent in Congress?”

      That occurred to me, too. Should the predicted “red wave” occur, a foreign war might strengthen a weak presidency or at least give the president something to do while he completes his term.

      Also, many are predicting economic crashes (plural) soon after the midterms (see, for example, stories about diesel shortages). Today’s political class might actually be so incompetent as to believe that a foreign war would be good for the economy, or at least distract from the pains that are coming.


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