Biden Lies about Social Security

Tweeted boast deleted after community fact check

Biden’s White House took credit for getting Seniors the largest COLA adjustment in decades even though it was an automatic result of a law passed in 1972. I guess he does have a point, in that it was triggered by the highest inflation in 40 years.

Fake version of Commitment to America

Of course, desperate lies about Social Security in the closing days of a campaign are standard Democrat tactics, trying to frighten less-informed seniors at the last moment.

Yet the MSM is picking up this obvious hoax and running with it.

38 thoughts on “Biden Lies about Social Security

        1. Your Hill article only references what Democrats SAY about GOP intentions, but it does not in any way back them up.

          I am very pessimistic about SS, largely because of Democrats being more interested in demagoguing the issue than the problem. This will have to be a bipartisan solution, and that means both sides must work in good faith.

          Right now, abuse of the SS disability system is dragging down the whole program.

          If we don’t fix it, benefits will be cut for all of us, automatically.


          1. this is probably paywalled, but it goes into much greater detain about what the GOP is planning.

            And I fully agree that it will take a bipartisan solution to solve the issue. However, you seem to believe that only the Democrats are the demagogues. Both parties are entrenched in their positions. It will take some SERIOUS compromise, a word YOU seem to believe means the Dems give in to the GOP on EVERYHING, to get anything accomplished.

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  1. So, some junior staffer who does Biden’s tweets took a little too much credit for the President. It was hardly a LIE since President Biden has been leading the fight to defend Social Security against Republicans his entire career. However, unlike your Dear Leader, The Biden White House does not double down when it makes a mistake. Instead, it acknowledge the error. When did Trump EVER do that? Even once?

    The “Desperate Lies” about Social Security appear to be the work of some random person who is not associated with any candidate or organization. So, clearly, the desperation is yours and yours alone. But, as a matter of fact, the closest thing to a GOP platform put together by Senator Medicare-Thief Scott clearly puts both Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block every five years. So, both ARE at risk if Republicans take control.

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    1. Democrats have defended SS right up to the brink of bankruptcy, where by law, reductions will come automatically,

      If we don’t fix SS Disability, it will drag down the whole system.


        1. The silly demagoguery of the TIME piece is irrelevant to the issue.

          Social Security is not intended to be an instrument of plunder, but if you wish to make it so, do it through Congress, if you can.

          SSI Disability was not intended to be welfare,


          1. There is nothing “silly” about how the wealth of this country has flowed in floods to the privileged and left everyone else behind. It is our most pressing problem. The rise of Trumpism and violent rightwing politics are the direct result of cutting ordinary people out of the picture.

            It does not matter what was “intended.” What matters is that everyone in this country has food to eat, clothes to wear, a place to live and access to healthcare. I grant you, what we have now is a dog’s breakfast. It would be better to replace it all with one system to meet those objectives but that is not what you or the Republicans have in mind.

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          2. There is no such thing as the wealth of the country, There is wealth created by the talents, work and investment.

            It does not “flow,” it is earned or exchanged in voluntary transactions to mutual benefit.

            Is it your contention that prior to Trump there was no disparity in income? or wealth? Because both of those metrics improved while Trump was in office.


          3. “There is no such thing as the wealth of the country, There is wealth created by the talents, work and investment”

            What part of “working poor” do you not understand? The root word is “WORK.” Duh. Your social Darwinism is a philosophy that will inevitably destroy society if it is allowed to run unmodified.

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          4. Working smart is better than.

            If a man can make a widget a day, but an investor provides a machine that allows him to make 10 widgets a day, to whom do the new 9 widgets belong?

            Of course, the price of widgets goes down, so there is a benefit to society at large as well.

            Labor does not drive social progress, investment does.

            The parable of the bulldozer


          5. Economics is not an isolated subject. Treating as if it is somehow divorced from other aspects of society is simpleminded.

            Take your bulldozer analysis to the next level. What happens when ALL the work is done by intelligent machines – not at all a far-fetched future? You think society will thrive or even survive when that top tiny percent who own ALL the capital are the only people with ownership in the wealth produced?

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          6. “All work . . .”

            You did not answer the question. You did not even try. You have no answer.

            Robots and AI are ALREADY capable of doing far more than just manual labor. That trend is not going to reverse itself.

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          7. “Well, you could always get an iron bar . . .”

            Again, you have not answered the question.

            Personally, I have no problem with technological progress. It is YOUR view of the world and the economy that is going to need serious adjustment.

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          8. I heard the exact same thing from my sociology professor 50 years ago. That a welfare state would be necessary because there would only be jobs for 25% of the population.

            That ignores the imagination talent of the people.

            Today’s jobs may disappear but most people today work at jobs my sociology professor could not have imagined.


          9. And you STILL have not answered the question. It is not a theoretical question. Already tens of millions of people have seen the work they do disappear forever. It is only going to get worse. Your ideal based on the bulldozer story simply cannot handle what is coming. And that is without you people already doing your best to dismantle the economic safety net.

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          10. Of course it is theoretical.

            When people made the transition from wheelbarrows to bulldozers, did anyone know how many people would be working in supermarkets?

            Did my sociology professor have any idea how many people would be working in theme parks when Disneyland was the only one? Or how many people would earn a living selling and servicing cell phones?

            Advances like automation create opportunities for new products and services. I don’t know what they will be, but they always have.


          11. “Advances like automation create opportunities for new products and services. I don’t know what they will be, but they always have.”

            It seems easier for you to stick to 19th century ideas rather than face the inevitability of a paradigm shift. You imagine new kinds of work to keep the old model working. Try imagining LESS work. A lot less. For example, there is nothing magical about the 40-hour work week. Other countries have already started to leave it behind as the standard for a full time job.

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  2. In thinking about it, if EVERYONE is blaming Biden for inflation, then it is correct to give him credit for the COLA going up, as it is tied to inflation.

    So while not a positive thing, the statement is “accurate”.

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        1. He’s a leader in causing inflation only if he knew he was doing it, If, as seems more likely, he is only incapable of learning from the past, he just stumbled into it.


      1. “The tweet attributes the COLA boost to Biden’s leadership, but it is actually due to his lack of leadership.”

        Inflation is a global phenomenon affecting every currency. We are doing better than many which is one of the reasons the dollar is showing historic strength. Trying to pin inflation on President Biden is simply not honest when you know better.

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