A Closer Look At The COVID Mortality Rate

Source: ZeroHedge.

Covid-19 hysteria is the greatest propaganda success story in history. Early on, anyone who suggested the disease was comparable to a severe flu was shouted down and denounced. But now we are learning that Covid-19’s infection fatality rate (IFR) is indeed comparable to the flu:

  • Ages 60–69, fatality rate 0.501 percent, survival rate 99.499 percent
  • Ages 50–59, fatality rate 0.129 percent, survival rate 99.871 percent
  • Ages 40–49, fatality rate 0.035 percent survival rate 99.965 percent
  • Ages 30–39, fatality rate 0.011 percent, survival rate 99.989 percent
  • Ages 20–29, fatality rate 0.003 percent, survival rate 99.997 percent
  • Ages 0–19, fatality rate 0.0003 percent, survival rate 99.9997 percent

This is a start. As our hindsight matures, I expect we will discover much more about Covid and its vaccines that we wildly misunderstood.

7 thoughts on “A Closer Look At The COVID Mortality Rate

  1. An interesting perspective, and it supports the Great Barrington approach.

    But a couple of caveats.

    First, the original strain was considerably more lethal, though less contagious, than Delta or Omicron. So, early estimates were not so far off for the strain that was dominant at the time.

    I’m 73 and have other risk factors, so AVERAGE fatality rates are not terribly important to me. Fatality rates for people like me are what matter from my perspective

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    1. The source article address your first caveat, at least in part:

      “Ioannidis and his co-writers reviewed 40 national seroprevalence studies that covered 38 countries to come to determine their estimates of infection fatality rate for the overwhelming majority of people.

      “Importantly, those seroprevalence studies were conducted before the vaccines were released, meaning the IFR’s were calculated before whatever impact vaccines had on younger age groups.”

      I took this to mean that the calculated IFRs applied to the original, or near-original, strain of the virus.


  2. Statistics aside, I have lots of friends who have had the flu and survived. I had one friend who had COVID. He died. IMHO, that “hysteria” was justified. It saved a lot of lives.

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      1. How did trying to get people to wear masks kill any seniors? People died unnecessarily because they were told COVID was a “democrat hoax,” no more than the flu. People continued to congregate in churches and visit seniors in nursing homes and that was how COVID got spread way farther than it should have.

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          1. If Trump hadn’t made a political issue out of it, coverups around the country would never have happened. DeSantis did the same thing in Florida. The pandemic was probably going to happen no matter what anybody did. Unfortunately, Donald Trump was the President at the time and he chose to lie about the severity of the problem and cast blame on anybody who told the truth. And that made things worse than they needed to be.

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