Here we go again, maybe

From the virology nerds, in vitro(laboratory) experiments have found a hybrid Influenza-A/ RSV hybrid. If this occurs in vivo, we’re screwed.

One thought on “Here we go again, maybe

  1. Here is a layman’s description of your disease…I think.

    As a related issue, I think we are entering a rough phase in our global community. Whether or not we agree on the causes and solutions to global warming, climate shifts or sea level rises, they are happening.

    Animal populations are decreasing and pathogens are moving. And, in my opinion, most of the problem has to do with overpopulation. We are living closer to the natural world than we have in a century or more and this creates a create breeding ground for the zoonotic diseases. Ebola patients have been found in Kampala, Uganda. Originating in the rural areas, but travel created a venue. And if crowded city like that gets overrun by this disease, we have a twofold problem.

    The first is containing this highly fatal disease.

    The second is preventing mutations that would increase the transmission and length of time for development. Ebola is not too dangerous now since it kills fairly quickly which breaks the chain. But a small variation could create havoc worldwide.

    We may be facing a pretty good inventory reduction in the next 50-100 years for a lot of human caused reasons. IMO

    Time for a drink.

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