Coercing a foreign power to influence an election?

FOX Saudis reveal Biden asked for oil cut delay

until after the mid term election.

Isn’t this what Trump was impeached for?

21 thoughts on “Coercing a foreign power to influence an election?

  1. The article said he asked, not threatened to withhold weapons already authorized to go to Ukraine.

    Since the Saudis showed their preference for different allies, we should do what we should have done after 9/11…tell the Saudis to take a hike.

    Unless of course, Biden was looking for dirt on some Republican.

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    1. Pushing the Saudis to keep production up until after the mid terms, and at the same time draining our emergency supplies until November as well to temporarily hold down gas prices is a gross abuse of power for political purposes.

      Anyone who is fooled deserves the huge price increases in petroleum coming as soon as the election is over. The rest of us don’t.


  2. “Isn’t this what Trump was impeached for?”

    No. Not even close.

    Uh, first you people want to blame Biden for gasoline prices and now you want to blame him for trying to do something about it. So, really, who gives a shit about your constant blaming? Not me. I find it to be intellectually dishonest and hypocritical.

    It is not far-fetched that MBS was attempting to hurt Biden with this production cut and he probably did so in cahoots with Putin. I hope he knows the old saying – what goes around comes around.

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      1. RE: “Biden asked the Saudis to delay their production cuts until after the midterms, and has threatened them for not doing so.”

        The relevant part — to my mind at least — is that Saudi Arabia doesn’t take the threat seriously. Americans need to grasp that most of the world has an unfavorable opinion of the USA and is looking for opportunities to avoid doing business with us.


        1. Your continued glee at what you consider our demise is interesting.

          Note that world opinion about us changed for the worse after Trump was elected and continued after it became obvious that he can’t be trusted with state intelligence. That includes the Mar a Lago disregard for security well after he left office.

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      2. The statement says nothing about the election or any threat that was made. In spite of the boiler plate, the timing of this change was very clearly calculated to help Russia and hurt President Biden. What goes around, comes around. Up to now, President Biden has continued Trump’s policy of looking past the criminality of the MBS regime. If there is no return for us in doing so, there is no reason to continue such deliberate blindness.

        Trying to delay and/or forestall increases in the artificial global price of oil is a legitimate foreign policy objective as is continuing the economic pressure on warmongering fascist regimes. If achieving such objectives is politically helpful, that is the icing on the cake.

        Your desperation talk of impeachment is laughable coming from someone who supports the most corrupt and lawless President we have ever had. But it is understandable given the lack of any real issues for the Klown Kar of Kandidates fielded by the GOP to run on.

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        1. Sure, and it’s totally coincidental that the delay requested is just long enough to delay sharp price increases until after the election.

          Nobody outside the bubble believes that.


          1. So, the proper course for the President would be to wait until after the election to try to do something about the production cut? President Biden did not set the timing.

            I would not speak of “bubbles” if I were you. The crackpot theories, slanders, and accusations that are your stock in trade is the tell that you reside in a very peculiar one. The media in MY “bubble” is the Washington Post, New York Times, The Guardian, PBS. Inside yours there is almost pure propaganda and nonsense from Rupert Murdoch on down past Alex Jones to Qanon.

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          2. I don’t even know where to find Qanon.

            The proper course for the President would be to seek a long term commitment to production from the Saudis, but he didn’t even ask for that, He only asked for one month to get past the mid terms.

            Biden wants to price gasoline out of the reach of the little people just not until after the election, to force us into EVs before they, and the grid, are ready.


          3. “The proper course for the President …”

            You do no know anything about what the President asked for. Reports of the discussion originating from the homicidal maniac MBS cannot be taken at face value.

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          4. Well, let’s hear Biden, or his negotiators, tell us under oath that they asked for more than a month.

            They’ll have to next year in the impeachment trial anyway.


      3. “Making foreign policy to help his party in the election is impeachable .”

        And the head of the previous administration WAS impeached for it by the House. The spineless Senate GOP did not convict out of fear of retribution. Such honorable Senators there.

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  3. Well considering the left is foisting a phony insurrection story, Biden attempting to buy votes with taxpayer money in the form of student debt cancelation, Biden padding the pockets of green energy at taxpayers expense and opening the border to even more illegals, for starters, all perfectly aligned with the midterms , I’m not surprised by anything the Dolt in Chief would do. Question is will Democrats impeach him for doing what they claim Ttump did? I think we all know the answer


    1. …”is foisting a phony insurrection story, “…

      Anything else after these words mean nothing. There was NOTHING phony about what happened on January 6th. And people are being convicted pretty regularly now for the crime of conspiracy to commit sedition.

      “Question is will Democrats impeach him for doing what they claim Ttump did?”

      There is a difference. Trump threatened to withhold CONGRESSIONALY approved aid unless he did “us a favor, though”. Biden attempted to negotiate to keep prices stable for the world. Trump’s actions were all about power; Biden’s were much ore altruistic. And so what if they helped in the midterms? A Republican President would have done the same damned thing and then be cheered for it by the so-called conservatives here.

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      1. You apparently don’t know the difference between sedition and insurrection. Even if a few people admitted to a sedious act, 99.999% of the people involved were simply rioters who disagreed with election results, NOT an attempt to take over the US government just like Democrats torching DC at Trump’s inauguration.

        Biden attempting to get SA to hold off cutting production until after the midterms is not altruistic but a blatant attempt to influence elections just like passing out money for votes. It’s very obvious…


        1. “US government just like Democrats torching DC at Trump’s inauguration”

          Compounding his lies with your own? There was NO torching of Trump’s inauguration. Unless you can provide some sort of proof. I suggest you … stop saying it. Kind of like Don’s “Benghazi was concocted by the Clintons to distract from something else” line of BS.

          I will give you a little credit. You finally admitted that they were “rioters” and NOT trespassers.

          And if you don’t believe whoever would be sitting in the WH, under similar circumstances, would do the same damned thing as Biden did, wouldn’t, you are really fooling yourself. Something fools are very good at. I don’t take you for a fool, Mr. Smith. But I do question your thought process.

          What you believe is OBVIOUS, is anti-Biden sentiment. Plain and simple. THAT is what comes off as obvious to me.

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