Bad Day for TFG

On the first, it appears that Justice Thomas realized that if he stood alone, he would catch hell from a lot of places; the Media, Congress, his fellow justices who are concerned about the court’s image in the eyes of the people. So he PROPERLY referred the matter to the full court.

On the second, I am surprised. I really didn’t think they would subpoena TFG. Now that they have, I am curious as to how long it will be before he complies, or refuses to do so.

And for so many here, that there have been no rebuttal witnesses called during this INVESTIGATION, here is an opportunity for the biggest rebutter of all to testify. Will he? I am guessing no.

And if the NYAG gets her way, then it is strike three on Julian Date 286 in the year 2022.

18 thoughts on “Bad Day for TFG

  1. And, not to be ignored, is Georgia. Interfering with state elections is a felony. The prosecutor is taking a short recess until after the election. Then, the indictments are expected.

    I think Trump kind of regrets being president. He was making decent money with his TV, real estate and bankruptcy (scams?) until he got to be internationally famous, and, like all presidents, under a microscope for scrutiny.

    I suppose the label of “the most powerful man in the world” was too heady for a weak man with a strong ego and a thin skin.

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    1. It is a term used by people who have no respect for the Office of the President use for former President Trump, much like when people on our side use Nobama and Slo-Joe or Brandon.

      I prefer to use their title and last name in the first instance and last name in later references. The office deserves respect even when the occupant does not.


      1. The previous occupant of the Oval Office is the one who did not respect the office f President. Proved it daily through his lies, baseless attacks and constant fertilization of the South Lawn

        TFG is a lot more respectable then what he deserves. I could have used several others that were less respectable.

        And TFG Could be used to refer to ANY former POTUS after he leaves office.


    1. “Nothing but bad theater.”

      Didn’t know the Supreme Court was theatrical in nature.

      As far s the Jan 6th Committee goes, you only think it is “bad theater” because the facts are so damning to your tribe.


    2. “Nothing but bad theater.”

      Long day and just had another thought concerning your statement.

      Was BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI, “bad theater”?

      You may not like the “production” as much as you enjoyed GREASE, but the story is much more compelling and revealing.

      But you say so what, because of your lesser evil mantra. Too bad YOUR lesser evil has been a great evil foisted on this country and the democratic principles on which it was founded.


      1. If you look back you’ll see that at the time I called Benghazi a Clinton distraction to draw attention from the real scandal, the arming of ISIS with Libya’s weapons.


          1. But you still have no explanation for how Clinton orchestrated the House GOP to investigate Benghazi.

            And if it WERE the arming of ISIS, then the House GOP was truly derelict in its duties, focused on the political aspects of the hearing room and not doing its oversight duties. And yet you want them in control? Silly, Dentist.


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