The Deep State’s Star Chamber

Town Hall Lives and Liberty lost to Deep State

The question that needs to come before the court is, ‘can Congress authorize an Executive Branch Agency to do what the Constitution prohibits it to do on its own?’

It’s time for SCOTUS to take a chainsaw to the administrative state.

3 thoughts on “The Deep State’s Star Chamber

  1. From the source: “An updated version of a bill I wrote with Norm Singleton for Ron Paul years ago would help solve the problem. Called the Congressional Responsibility and Accountability Act, it would prohibit any administrative agency proposed rule from taking effect unless passed into law by Congress, and it would sunset every existing regulation within three years unless passed into law by Congress. Add to that a requirement that agencies bring charges before independent federal courts, an elimination of administrative law courts, and a demand for de novo judicial review of all agency actions, and we would be well on our way to restoring the constitutional rights protections taken from us by the Administrative State.”

    I like these ideas. In an ideal world, constitutional principles alone should be enough to help prevent the kinds of systemic federal corruption the source describes, but our world is not ideal.

    In our world constitutional principles aren’t even known, much less practiced. Our society has no shared conception of the 1st Amendment, not to mention the 2nd or any of the others. The Rule of Law has become the “rule of whatever I say it is,” and innocent-until-proven-guilty is discarded because witch hunting is more fashionable.

    No one can fix a nation like ours that has lost its soul, but the ideas in the quotation — if enacted — might buy some breathing room in which to find it again.


    1. This too shall pass.

      It’s cyclical. people get seduced by living on plunder and credit. But sooner or later it becomes clear that socialism can’t keep its promises.

      I try to point out that socialism isn’t evil because it fails, rather it fails because it is evil. But many people have to get smacked in the face by reality before it sinks in. But it does become clear over time. Those of us old enough to remember the Carter inflation have seen that lesson taught, those younger will get it in about 3 years.

      Then we will climb back out if the hole faster than you would think posible.


    2. RE: “It’s cyclical.”

      I believe that. In fact, I am quite enamored of the Strauss–Howe generational theory which proposes that generational archetypes tend to recur every 80 years or so.

      According to this theory, today’s young adults are the generation that will be made into strong men and women by hard times. I say more power to them, but given the levels of cultural deterioration they must deal with, these prospective leaders will have to reinvent a world they have never experienced.

      Baby Boomers like you and me can make the challenge easier for our children, and we should try.


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