Special Report: One of the Nord Stream 2 Pipelines Was Undamaged

Source: Paul Craig Roberts.

The question, “Who sabotaged the Nord Stream pipelines, and why?” remains unanswered. I have my guess. What’s yours?

My guess: The U.S. Navy sabotaged the pipeline. The purpose was to prevent Germany from reconciling with Russia by abandoning Washington-imposed economic sanctions.

15 thoughts on “Special Report: One of the Nord Stream 2 Pipelines Was Undamaged

  1. Since we’re guessing, I’d guess it was the Russian submarine Belgorod. It had the means. It had the opportunity. And the motive would be spite. The Russians are getting their asses kicked in Ukraine and the world knows it. Hitting a target that can’t fight back is a bully’s way of fighting when they’re losing.

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    1. Of course. Russia is diabolically advanced in its thinking. Blowing up their own infrastructure to their own detriment. Why didn’t we think of that?


      1. The pipeline sits in less than 280 to 360 ft. of water. The Russians would never allow our Navy to get a good read on one of their advanced subs for such a silly mission.


  2. Yeah well, you wouldn’t think the Russians would be silly enough to bivouac their troops in the Red Zone of Chernobyl either, but here we are.

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  3. It was neither the CIA nor the United States Navy. Those suggestions are laughably deranged. There is no possible benefit for us and the risk of literally blowing up NATO if caught. Deep state conspiracy nonsense may tickle your fancy, but grow up.

    Ukraine has the strongest motive – to cut Russian economic options and to prevent Russia from attacking their pipeline to Europe.

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      1. “Biden definitely doesn’t want Germany to get gas from Russia”
        Let’s mark that as an uninformed opinion. You do not know what Biden wants. Too much hardship in Europe this winter would be counter-productive to the cause of NATO unity. Besides, if that is what is behind this, why not sabotage the Ukraine pipeline as well? Easy to blame that on Russia.

        Of course, your speculation is total nonsense. The risk of the USA getting caught sabotaging those pipelines would far, far outweigh any benefit that even you can imagine. Instead of trying to blame President Biden I repeat my earlier suggestion – grow up.

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      2. RE: “Ukraine certainly has the motive…”

        Yes, which means by extension that the U.S. has the same motive. The U.S. also had the means and the opportunity, since U.S. warships were in the area.


        1. Our motives maybe similar to Ukraine’s but our constraints are very different. Ukraine is at war with Russia. Blowing up Russian infrastructure is a legitimate act of war. We are not at war with Russia.

          There is no need for a warship to pull off this attack. In fact, using one would almost certainly risk exposure.


          1. RE: “our constraints are very different”

            Only if caught.

            RE: “There is no need for a warship to pull off this attack.”

            Maybe not, but some warships are ideally suited for an attack of this kind. The USS Kearsarge (LHD-3) is such a ship and was patrolling near the sites where the sabotage occurred.


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