200 day gap in Presidential Records? Sure

No visitor logs for Biden’s meetings in Delaware

The Secret Service tells us that there are no records of who Biden met with in the 200 days he was in Delaware since he tool office? Seriously? The President of the United States and no records for 200 days?

Tell me the innocent explanation for this you would have accepted from Trump.

11 thoughts on “200 day gap in Presidential Records? Sure

    1. Did you read your cite past the headline?

      First, it is about a FOIA request for visitor logs only six months after Trump took office, and it states that Mar a Lago is a resort with other residents and at which charity fund raisers are held regularly which are widely attended.

      “The Secret Service does acknowledge it has some records reflecting Trump’s visitors at Mar-a-Lago. The agency, which provides security to the First Family and other dignitaries, says it has presidential schedules that contain some such information. But lawyers contend those schedules are actually presidential records, which are not covered by FOIA.”

      The Secret Service did have the President’s schedule of meetings but contends they are Presidential records not subject to FOIA.

      So, the records for Trump’s meetings there do exist.


      1. “some records” are no better than no records. Obviously.

        There may be various records at the gatehouse, etc. but they are NOT Presidential visitor logs. If you want to pretend that there are actual official records of everyone that interacted with Trump at his golf resorts, knock yourself out.

        Bottom line – yet another totally bogus and hypocritical attack on Biden. You seem to have an endless supply.

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        1. Ridiculous

          Mar a Lago is a resort. It would be impossible to record everyone Trump talked to on the golf course or stopped to take a picture with, but there are records of his scheduled meetings in the possession of the Secret Service.

          There are no such records of Biden’s meetings at his home or beach house.

          Why not?


        1. I don’t get your point.

          The records for Trump’s scheduled meetings exist, but like records for Biden do not.

          Why not? Especially since Biden has been at his homes in Delaware for 1/3 of his time in office.


          1. “Scheduled” is the word. At Mar a Lago, record averse Trump could simply go into the club and meet whomever he wanted, whenever he wanted with no visitor log, SS notification, etc.

            Of course this is a big deal for those with BDS, so I can’t help you😇

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  1. RE: “Tell me the innocent explanation for this you would have accepted from Trump.”

    Perhaps Stumble Joe goes home to receive medical care, or simply to hide from the public when his infirmities are too embarrassing to be seen.

    In other news, the nuclear codes are now available in a large print edition.


    1. Probably hiding from microphones that keep picking up him using the F bomb all of the time in addition to really stupid statements proving his incompetence. Obama didn’t let him out for a reason. It’s the only smart thing he did…


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