Perfidious Putin!

Source: The Unz Review.

This story inspires various observations.

Least interesting by far is the hypocrisy of demonizing Russia for spending $300 million to influence international politics when the US spends a hundred times more doing the same thing.

More interesting is the relationship between our intelligence community and major media. Despite being under mandate to restrict its operations to foreign spheres, here the IC is practicing within the US.

Most interesting, albeit esoteric, is to notice how U.S. government covert operations can function as money laundering schemes that move taxpayer money into the pockets of the ruling class. For example, the CIA hides behind front organizations on foreign soil. Those organizations, in turn, need American workers. Voila! Internships for the sons and daughters of Amherst.

I get it that empire depends on intelligence and worldly influence. But to acknowledge the Machiavellian imperative is not to condone it when it is corrupted.

5 thoughts on “Perfidious Putin!

  1. Yeah, the Democrat finger pointing in this case is analogous to Democrat finger pointing at DeSantis’ flying of illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard. In both cases the accuser has committed the accusation far worse than the accused. The hypocrisy and dirty dealing of the left knows no bounds.


    1. DeSantis paid $1.5 million of Florida money to a company he has political ties to to fly 45 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. (That’s is about $33,000 per passenger. I hope they got good snacks.)

      And they were not even Florida’s migrants. He went to Texas and “recruited” folks off the street without even telling Abbott.

      DeSantis is under criminal investigation by a Texas sheriff, among other issues.

      Add this to his wanting federal monies for the hurricane after he voted against similar aid to New York for Sandy.

      I’d pick another hero.

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      1. Uh, not quite.
        Granted an expensive flight but chicken feed compared to the billions that millions of illegals that crossed the border in less than 2 years will cost the US taxpayer thanks to Biden. Harris and the Democrat clan. Heck Biden has spent $1.5 trillion on executive actions alone in that time frame. I’m very happy with this hero, you should consider picking others yourself.


      2. In addition, Rubio and DeSantis voted against additional pork filled relief packages for Sandy. Rubio voted for a lesser clean funding bill and DeSantis voted no because he wanted spending cuts to offset it. I’m sure Rubio and DeSantis would be fine with a clean Ian relief package and would applaud cuts elsewhere to pay for it. How abt student loan giveaways for starters.


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