Lyman, a logistics hub for Russians in Donetsk, surrounded right after annexation announcement.

“Retired U.S. General Ben Hodges, a former commander of the U.S. Army in Europe, said a Russian defeat in Lyman after Putin’s declaration would be a major political and military embarrassment for the Russian leader.”

“This puts in bright lights that his claim is illegitimate and cannot be enforced,” he said.”

Debate about Ukraine winning, but Russia is certainly losing. I wonder if Putin believes his own propaganda.

15 thoughts on “Lyman, a logistics hub for Russians in Donetsk, surrounded right after annexation announcement.

  1. Breaking news: The Russians have now abandoned Lyman. And not a moment too soon. It was shaping up to be a Russian version of Dien Bien Phu – the surrounded outpost that led France to abandon its war in Vietnam.

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    1. Ironic. In WW2, the penalty for recalcitrant German military personnel was to be sent to the Russian front.

      Now it seems the Russians are struggling to send citizens (and others) to the Ukraine front.

      In both cases, Russian infantry was treated as pure fodder for the opposing armies. I guess they expect to win “over their dead bodies”.

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    1. Cheerleading?

      Damn straight. Unlike you, I have not opined what Ukraine SHOULD do. But since they have chosen to fight, I am pleased to see them enjoy some success against the forces of fascism and tyranny. And this small victory comes at just the right moment to demonstrate how hollow and desperate the recent illegal “annexation” of this area actually is.

      “You seriously think Russia will not counter this?”
      With what? Untrained draftees? Munitions supplied by North Korea?

      Would you put YOUR life at serious risk to uphold the reputation of Donald Trump? THAT is what Russian conscripts are expected to do for Putin. Now that they are beginning to understand that, they won’t. At least 200,000 of those subject to the new draft have already decamped to other countries.

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    1. “Zelensky certainly believes his propaganda.”

      Whose? His own or Putin’s?

      Ukraine is not the country that invaded another. Nor is it emptying prisons for soldiers. Nor a general conscription. Nor mercenaries (with the exception a few volunteers from a handful of nations who joined the Ukraine military). Nor are they fleeing leaving comrades, dead or alive, tanks, artillery, ammunition and trucks behind.

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          1. Even on State TV in Russia, reality has a liberal bias.

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        1. “Urkaine doesn’t have any comrades, tanks, artillery, ammunition and trucks to leave behind.”

          We are trying to have a serious discussion about a serious matter. This sort of comment adds absolutely nothing.

          First you whine that Russia’s setbacks were because Ukraine fielded a much larger force than the invaders. Now you say Ukraine has no soldiers to leave behind. Which is it?

          If Ukraine was running low on tanks, trucks and ammo routed Russians helped solve that problem by abandoning masses of all of those as they ran for their lives.

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