A New take on “Owning the Lib(ertarian)s?


Don, this is for you mostly. Did you know this was coming? I think you said you left the party a few years back. But I know you kept awareness of the goings on.

It seems the VA Libertarian Party has fallen in with you .. but not in a bad way.

8 thoughts on “A New take on “Owning the Lib(ertarian)s?

  1. It was about 5 months ago. The VA Affiliate had become so purist that it was dysfunctional.

    I’m a bit surprised that they decided to dissolve, I expected it to whither away to a tiny clique of bitter zealots.

    If I were 20 years younger, I would reestablish it, but I’ll leave that to someone younger.


    1. Your post with resignation letter popped up after I posted this.

      Was it the VA Affiliate that became too purist? Or was it because of the way the National Party was trending with a lot of hateful rhetoric (as sited in the story)?

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      1. The National Party doesn’t affect me much and some of the State affiliates are doing good things, but the VA party was a train wreck and the national party backed them against out local affiliate.


        1. So the locals (where ALL politics is, as the saying goes) was not onboard with the state and the national was backing the state.

          Seems like the entire Party, especially at the National and state levels should go back to the drawing board and start from the bottom (LOCAL) and work their way up.

          If I recall, you have said that previously as the best way to make the party nationally relevant.

          Until Santa Clause is no longer considered for party nomination on the national level, the party will have a difficult time gaining traction.

          I posted about an attempt earlier this year to form a “centrist” party consisting of those in the two major parties that were middle minded. Yang and CT Whitman were the driving force. Haven’t heard much about it since. But the idea of a third (or 4th) party in this country is not a bad concept. But the fringes, the LOUDEST, on right and left will drown those voices out. Too bad.


          1. As Jim Hightower said, “There’s Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos”

            Classic Libertarians are to the right of the GOP on economics and to the left of Democrats on matters of individual freedom.

            One T-shirt definition is “A pot smoking economist with a gun”

            I prefer bourbon.

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          2. Hightower’s bumper sticker rhetoric ignores the reality that a democratic republic is dependent upon compromise, with the end result being, usually, the centrist view.

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          3. Meeting in the middle is how we got a $33Trillion national debt.

            If the Rooster party wants to spend a Trillion dollars on something not authorized by the Constitution, do we compromise and spend only $500Billion illegally?

            Libertarians would say not a damn dime. Are we the unreasonable ones?


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