Durham: DONE

Paywalled, I’m sure. But the gist is that Durham secured one indictment (with acquittal), one upcoming trial and one plea deal.

“Over the course of his inquiry, Mr. Durham has developed cases against two people accused of lying to the F.B.I. in relation to outside efforts to investigate purported Trump-Russia ties, but he has not charged any conspiracy or put any high-level officials on trial. The recent developments suggest that the chances of any more indictments are remote.”

Nothing more to see here.

20 thoughts on “Durham: DONE

        1. Indictments or not, we are due an accounting of Durham’s efforts. There is no good reason to be dismissive until we get it.


          1. If Bill Barr can downplay the Mueller Report, I can easily say the same about Durham’s.

            All we heard from you and Don was “Wait for Durham, Wait for Durham”. Well, the wait is over and a plea deal, an indictment with acquittal at trial and a forthcoming trial is all you get.

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          2. Yogi says reminds you to use quotations when using his words.

            Funny how when Barr “trump-splained” the Mueller report, it was over. Now this one isn’t?

            You hypocrites take all the fun out of speculation.

            But you go ahead and hold your breath waiting for anything more to come out.

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          3. RE: “Funny how when Barr “trump-splained” the Mueller report, it was over. Now this one isn’t?”

            In addition to assuming too much, your memory is faulty. After the Mueller report came, among other things, and IG report and a failed impeachment effort.


          4. Your memory is faulty. The first impeachment had to do with the attempt to extort Ukraine and had nothing to do with the Mueller Report.

            The IG report showed the same minor issues as Durham’s investigation and forthcoming report. Those being minor technical faults by low-level FBI attorney’s.

            And the only reason the first impeachment “failed” was because the GOP’s backbone is stored in the basement of MAL .. .along with other items of interest that have no business being there.


          5. And yet you are clearly wrong about Barr’s memo on the Mueller report being the end of the controversies Mueller investigated.


    1. “Not all crimes are addressed by indictments.”

      So, you have your own special definition of “crime” to add to all your other special definitions. Sniff, sniff. What is that malodorous smell? Desperation maybe? Or despair? Chagrin?

      You have been predicting for YEARS that Durham would be blowing the lid off a massive “deep state” conspiracy to make Trump look bad. Buzz! Wrong. Fooled again.

      It turns out that the security services were just doing their job protecting our country from malevolent foreign actors and the Americans who work with them. They were investigating RUSSIA. Team Trump got caught up in those investigations because of their many points of contact with Russian actors. And that is what we who are not in your cult have been telling you from Day One.

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        1. Laughable again. What do you think the report is going to say?

          “I found a lot of criminal conduct but decided not to prosecute?”


          “Some of these deep state people think Trump is a turd but I could not find where they acted on their belief criminally.”

          The report will very likely be an exhaustive description of the work they did and as such will be further evidence that there is no there there. If he had found a tiny fraction of what you were predicting there would now be major indictments. Instead, the Grand Jury is folding up and calling it quits.

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