Biden is starting to look a lot like Putin(just less competent)

PM FBI seizes Mike Lindell’s phone

Now there’s a warrant I want to see. What probable cause could there be? Selling overpriced slippers?

Lindell runs his business from that phone, and they didn’t even let him upload a backup. Why? Do they plan to plant incriminating stuff on the phone that would be exposed by a backup? Two years ago such subterfuge would never have occurred to me, but now it is a reasonable theory.

Believing Trump’s election claims is not a crime. But it seems the FBI is going after anyone who publicly supported Trump’s allegations.

Use of the FBI to harass a political opponents supporters is a gross abuse of power.

The weaponized FBI has become Biden’s secret police, and political espionage force.

Up until now, I have been opposed to a tit-for-tat Impeachment in the House, but it appears to be almost unavoidable at this point, Biden is nothing but an incompetent Putin.

45 thoughts on “Biden is starting to look a lot like Putin(just less competent)

  1. Lindell has been at the forefront of every single attempt to overturn the election. He even had a lightly viewed telethon where he promised a lot of evidence concerning fraud and election theft and provided BUPKIS!!! (AT least Rudy admitted it was only theories with NO evidence!) He is a suspect in the conspiracy to defraud the American people. He runs a lot more that just pillows off of his phone. But he’s doing it all for YOUR tribe, so there is no criminality involved.

    Unlike his predecessor, President Biden is allowing his DOJ to operate independently of the Oval Office and campaign.

    “Biden is nothing but an incompetent Putin.”

    Which sovereign nation neighbor did Biden invade? And currently, it is Putin who is an incompetent Putin.

    And who is it that rejected a peace deal?

    All of your lies are coming to be exposed for what they are. Malinformed claptrap.

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    1. Again, believing Trump’s claims is not a crime. Supporting those claims within the law isn’t either. It may be misled, but still not criminal.

      We don’t investigate people for being wrong, Probable cause requires evidence oe a crime.


      1. “We don’t investigate people for being wrong”..

        But we do investigate them for trying to push that wrong on to the American people. It is called CONSPIRACY, and by federal sentencing guidelines the minimum sentence is 10 years.

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        1. No, trying to convince people of a fallacy is not conspiracy. If it were, pretty much all of the climate people at NOAA and EPA would be in jail

          Conspiracy must lead to an unlawful act. not just being wrong.


          1. no it isn’t. Politicians defraud us all the time.

            Ever hear of the Inflation Reduction Act?

            Or catastrophic climate change?

            Fraud for profit is a crime but political fraud is constant and protected by the 1st Amendment


          2. “Are you denying that politicians lie?”

            The most hypocritical question of the day. When YOUR pols of choice do it, they aren’t really doing it.

            You just cannot admit to your won biased, bull crap hypocrisy even when it is so obvious my 7 year old granddaughter thinks you are full of shit.


          3. Again, it is NOT a crime to tell a political lie.

            It is certainly unsavory but it is speech protected by the 1st Amendment. I am not saying it is a good thing, but you cannot prosecute protected speech, so it cannot be probable cause for a warrant.


          4. …”it is NOT a crime to tell a political lie.”

            BIG difference between telling a political lie and then using said lie to defraud the American people.

            Advancing the lie to perpetrate an overturning of the votes of the PEOPLE is a crime. And it woudl have worked if McConnell, et al thought they could get away wiht it.

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      2. “Believing Trump’s claims is not a crime.”

        That must be true or you and a couple of others around here would be looking at some serious time. Even spreading the BIG LIE is not a crime, just plain old-fashioned dishonesty. Not a crime to be a liar.

        However, ACTING on those LIES by engaging in a conspiracy to overthrow what you sincerely believe is a stolen election IS a crime. A very serious crime.

        There is ZERO reason to believe that the warrant for Lindell’s phone was approved by a court based only on Lindell’s beliefs and LIES. It was – to a certainty – based on evidence of his involvement in the crimes being investigated.

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          1. You are not an attorney. You do not represent Lindell. You will get to see it when the court decides to allow you to see it.

            And just like with the warrant to search MAL, the judge found probable cause to approve it.

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          2. “As I said, I want to see that warrant.”

            Have you no respect for the Rule of Law. Providing details of the probable cause cited in court with respect to the warrant could be very damaging to Mr. Lindell’s interests and reputation. The government should follow standard practice and not disclose such details pending an indictment.

            Mr. Lindell, on the other hand, can do what he wants with such information. If it is not forthcoming, blame him.

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      3. “The phone was reportedly seized in connection with a 2021 breach of voting machines in Mesa County, Colorado, allegedly carried out by Tina Peters, the county clerk now facing state felony charges for the alleged tampering.
        Peters is accused of leaking sensitive voting-machine data that subsequently was presented at Lindell’s August 2021 “Cyber Symposium,” which she also attended.“

        Republicans have been caught tampering with voting machine in a few states. Last I heard that was a felony.

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        1. Thanks, but that raises more questions than it answers.

          What would be the point in tampering with a voting machine almost a year after the election? Other than to expose data indicating fraud?

          This will require some research I may not have time for just now.


          1. Illegally tampering with voting machines is a felony. If they wanted to access the machine, a court order would be a minimum.

            The point of tampering with the machines could very well have been a precursor to rigging them to favor Republicans.

            There has been zero evidence of any voting machine irregularities. Even the now infamous Antrim County screwup, quickly corrected I might add, was operator error.

            Is this one of those excuses because it was “understandable” since conspiracies said Hugo Chavez rigged machines?

            Fraud makes no sense since the GOP did very well down ballot, both state and federal. But that means nothing to the dittoheads. So long as Lindell, Peters, and other pond scum keep trying to destroy our elections, we need to investigate and indict if the evidence so indicates.

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          2. OK, I looked up Peters.

            What she allegedly did was to provide false credentials to a forensic tech to allow him access to machines used in the 2020 election, in hopes of finding evidence the vote count was flawed.

            It was a bonehead move as had he found what he was looking for, there would be no way to prove he had not put it there himself.

            Lindell had her as a speaker at an event he hosted.

            I don’t see how her troubles would be probable cause for a search of Lindell’s phone as his involvement with her seems to be after-the-fact.

            Unless there is more, this is dubious.


          3. “Unless there is more, this is dubious.”

            It is plenty. A crime was committed and the fruit of that crime – stolen data – was used by Liddell. Even if this is the only matter being investigate, getting to the bottom of it is completely justified. The phones might show a criminal conspiracy leading up to the crime – what you try to minimize as a “bone-headed move.” Just because you are politically entwined with Trump does not give you a free pass to commit crimes.

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          4. “That Peters committed a crime looks likely, but Lindell appears to have been involved after-the-fact.”

            Then his phone will not contain evidence of a conspiracy. Or the promise of a payment.

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          5. Accessory after the fact is still a crime. Or since the data was illegally obtained, and he knew that, and he sought to use it for personal gain such as fund raising, free publicity, etc. there might be a case.

            Regardless, Lindell is not very ethical, trustworthy or honest if not totally delusional. So respect for law may not be his strong suit. In which case, his phone may well be a source of information in a criminal investigation.

            Here is a rebuttal by Wyoming’s Secretary of State to Lindell’s nefarious accusations based on total fabrication.


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          6. Since there have been breaches in several places, the same names keep popping up prompting the Big Lie, a coterie of insiders that tried, a still try, to overturn the election.

            Add in the evolving information on the fraudulent elector scandals and there might just be a good cause for investigation.

            There is little honor among thieves, at least in the GOP world, an investigation should be fruitful.

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  2. RE: “The weaponized FBI has become Biden’s secret police, and political espionage force.”

    Let’s remember that the NSA has all of Lindell’s cell phone communications already, just as it has all of our cell phone communications. So, it is likely that there is something specific on Lindell’s phone that the FBI wanted to grab.


          1. Do tell of your source that claims the NSA only captures Metadata from cell phones. This will be c z doozy, I’m sure.


  3. If wasn’t so pathetic, it might be funny that the FBI went so far as to block Lindell’s car in at a Hardee’s drive thru to interrogate him and confiscate his phone while still in the drive thru. I mean, can’t a guy at least enjoy his Monster Angus Burger after a long day of fishing without being harassed by an FBI special tactical unit looking for a…… cell phone? Was there a helicopter overhead and SWAT in the bushes too?


    1. It’s all about intimidation. but I doubt Lindell would be all that easily intimidated.

      He was homeless and an addict, got religion, straightened his life out and built successful businesses. He’s a gentle man but he’s harder than they are.


      1. “It’s all about intimidation.”

        What nonsense! It is about enforcing the law. You cannot give suspected criminals notice of a phone seizure or the phone will disappear. Obviously.

        The whiny victimhood you people display all the time is truly pitiful. “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time” applies to rich white people too, you know.

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      2. Ge has used his “saving” to promote a business. Good for him. When he stepped into stop the steal and calling on the military to confiscate voting machines, then he gave up the idea of being a “gentle man”. He became a fraudster attempting to defraud the American people. You don’t believe that because you are supportive of his actions and think it is all 1st Amendment speech. I disagree. And the search warrant may just run up enough info for you to realize it.

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