Time to De-Californicate Virginia

Examiner VA Dems tie us to CA Titanic

Magical thinking and virtue signaling are not a basis for energy policy.

California is a cautionary tale, not a guide to rational policy. VA Dems should be consigned to third party status for not seeing that.

25 thoughts on “Time to De-Californicate Virginia

  1. The story at the link explains how Virginia linked its environmental policy to California’s:


    It is nearly impossible for me to fathom the depths of stupidity welling beneath these events. First, the Virginia legislature chose to adhere to the decisions of a California regulatory agency. Now that agency has decided to ban the sale of new gas-powered cars in 2035, meaning that the ban extends to Virginia.

    But the extra-constitutional linkage isn’t where the stupidity comes in. The stupidity is the belief that electric cars are better for the environment and good for consumers.

    This belief is stupid for two reasons: (a) We know for a fact that electric cars cause just as much pollution as gas cars, albeit in different ways; and (b) we have no way of knowing whether electric cars are good for consumers in general, because at present too few consumers use them.


    1. Even if you discount the carbon released in building EVs, they are only low emission if you have enough wind, solar, hydro and nuclear in place to carry your base load.

      As it stands, even California isn’t 1/3rd of the way there. Natural gas provides more than half their electricity and the marginal demand, or any additions to the base, are from burning coal in neighboring states.

      So, for a long time, in CA, EV’s run on coal.


      1. Engine emissions aren’t the only factor. Because EVs are heavier that GVs, they produce more particulate emissions from break pad wear and road surface erosion. One must also account for the pollution associated with the various types of mining to produce battery components.


    1. One state’s failure in regulation excuses willful stupidity by CA, and the VA Democrat’s tying VA policy to CA’s? Where in the VA Constitution is the CA legislature, mush less regulatory agencies, empowered to make law in VA?


  2. To me, the biggest failures are the belief that the infrastructure will be in place to recharge EVs anywhere close to being able to gas up and the belief that renewable energy will be enough to support it. How does someone in an apartment or hotel charge an EV, run a cord down 20 flights of stairs? The cheap charging is from one’s home while charging at commercial stations costs far more than gas, takes a long time and you cant go get a gallon of electric charge if you run out. Lastly, for democrats to compel VA to live by CA or any other state’s standards just proves how insanely stupid they are.


    1. “The cheap charging is from one’s home while charging at commercial stations costs far more than gas, takes a long time and you cant go get a gallon of electric charge if you run out. ”

      No factual evidence of what you are saying.

      WRT to apartments/condos/hotels; charging stations can and are being installed for use of residents. Also, WAWA is among several places around the country that are installing chargers in their parking lots. I actually found three at the Maryland State Line Welcome Center on US 13 North over Labor Day Weekend..

      …”and you cant go get a gallon of electric charge if you run out. ”

      Every EV has programming that tells you WHERE you can charge closely and it will remind you repeatedly if you get below 10-15%.

      Commercial charging does NOT cost more than gas. About $18 for 80% charge in less than 20 minutes. That is what my dad and his wife are paying when travelling. There are charging co-ops that can be joined to help keep the costs down.

      You can rant about what you THINK is going on. But it is reasonable to ask you to be truthful. I know you have a difficult time with it, but try looking up facts before ranting about what you THINK.

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      1. “If every country achieved its stated ambitious electric-vehicle targets by 2030, the world would save 231 million tons of CO2 emissions. Plugging these savings into the standard United Nations Climate Panel model, that comes to a reduction of 0.0002 degree Fahrenheit by the end of the century.”



      2. Since all you have are childish insults and no brain to do your own research, here is your homework done for you. Public charging, especially super charging, is very expensive, unless you have an hour or two to spare, and these articles were written when the national average for gas was abt $5 a gallon.

        Apartment dwellers and rural owners in an all electric society will be screwed by cost and availabilty but tough, right?


        1. Childish insults? What did I say hat was so insulting? That you have a hard time with facts.

          I related REAL WORLD information from an owner of an EV. Your “articles” are claptrap BS that has no reality to it.

          If you want to call my father I liar, go ahead. But I’ll answer accordingly.

          As far as apartment dwellers and rural owners go, charging stations are available or you can have your own installed. You can even get it powered by NEWER solar panels with great battery storage. Rural owners can have their own wind turbines installed. You ever see a farm that didn’t already have some sort of windmill used to conduct the business of farming.

          But your “reality” does not allow for any of that.


        2. You misunderstand. The purpose of forcing EVs isn’t to make the common people drive them, it’s to stop us from having cars at all.

          We are to sit in our apartments watching state approved TV until it’s time to take the train to our jobs, and back.

          Freedom to travel is for the elite.


          1. Ha e a hard time with facts. Huh? Se r io u sly, you expect people to buy and install solar, batte r ies, a charging station, I’m guessing from Democrat money trees, justso they can drive an EV to the g r ocery store? What about heavy equipment and t r ucks to deliver goods to the grocery? Quit the drugs ASAP.


          2. I told you a real world situation. You called me childish and a liar.

            If you want to believe those who stand against any kinds of improvements and going back to the stone age, have at it. I’ll believe what I am seeing in the REAL WORLD.

            You haven’t been paying attention to what is actually happening in the world of EV’s. I can’t make you listen to anyone outside of your anti-environmental bubble, so I will not try.

            By the way, my father and his wife travel frequently between NJ and New York state, a little under 2 hours each way, on a regular basis. They are doing just fine.

            Infrastructure is part of the Constitution, you know. Your boy had countless “Infrastructure” weeks during his term and got ZIP done. Biden got his passed in less that 2 years.

            And if you continue to drink cheap vodka at the level you appear to be, I am going to have to start investing in Goodman’s.


          3. Electrical grids, internet access for ALL, and where money IS going is part of our national infrastructure TODAY.

            But you appear to want to return to the 50’s (18 or 19, your choice depending on the topic).


          4. I’d go along with Internet, simply because it can replace postal roads , but subsidies for utility companies only if they produce more expensive electricity is not in the Constitution.


          5. You mean like gas and oil companies have been receiving for decades? And there was no “electricity” when the Constitution was written. SO now you want to go back to the 1750’s.

            HYPOCRITE clean up on aisle Don.


          6. Please do tell me the year oil and gas companies have received a net subsidy. That is subsidy exceeding the fees, royalties and taxes they paid.

            We can apply the principles of the Constitution to new technology, but those principles can only be changed by amendment.


          7. Not changing the principles of anything; just evolving wat infrastructure consists of today.

            The tax breaks that coal and oil have been getting on their insane profits for decades would solve some of the resiliency concerns that is being driven by a changing climate.


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