5 thoughts on “New Rule: F*** tha Casting Police | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

  1. Even Liberals who look in the mirror are starting to see how toxic wokeness really is.

    Ron DeSantis is going to ride that horse into the White House if Trump stays out of the way. It’s time to make the US, and not just Florida, where wokeness goes to die.


    1. “Ron DeSantis is going to ride that horse into the White House ”

      This “woke” bullshit plays well in a party dominated by racists. That is exactly why DeSantis is doing what he is doing. If you think it is a winning issue in the general election, I think you are wrong.

      DeSantis has the same problem that every other Republican pol has to deal with. The bullshit you must spew to get a GOP nomination is poison when it comes to the general election. Democrats, independents, actual conservatives and informed citizens are not thrilled with their governor doing his best to thwart the rights enshrined in the Constitution.


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        1. “Clever” is not a word I would have used. More like accurate.

          You people can dish it out, but you just can’t take it. But the truth hurts. The catalog of culture war “accomplishments” the article lists is accurate. And, make no mistake, this culture war bullshit is nothing more than the warmed over GOP bigotry of the past. Anti-black, anti-gay, anti-women, anti-different. It is a damned poor substitute for decent leaders and viable policies. In my opinion, it is the final death rattle of the once Grand Old Party.

          But go ahead, let’s see you justify a law criminalizing the exercise of free speech by private organizations. Go for it.

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